Top Fashion Agency Jed Root Closes Doors

Top Fashion Agency Jed Root Closes Doors

Top artist management agency Jed Root Inc. is closing its doors, leaving scores of artists and agents around the world struggling to secure unpaid fees and salaries. Jed Root Inc. was an internationally acclaimed fashion agency which represented a broad spectrum of creative professionals including photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, illustrators, and set designers on top-level international fashion campaigns and editorials.

Internal reports claim the company has been unable to pay invoices to artists and vendors, racking up millions in unpaid bills. The esteemed agency began in New York City in 1989 by Jed Root had been acquired by Swiss company RPRT AG in 2015 but their management and capital were not enough to continue operations past March 31 of this year.

Home to an award-winning roster of artists like photographers Michael Thompson, Anthony Maule, Adam Katz Sinding, Emma Tempest, and Takay along with makeup artists and fashion stylists in four cities, Jed Root artists have contributed to luxury label campaigns from Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, and Uniqlo and editorials for international editions of Vogue, Numero, Elle, and GQ, among others. Jed Root Inc. had offices in New York, Paris, and Los Angeles. The agency had just moved into smaller offices in New York’s Union Square when employees were let go. 

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I'm curious if the Instagram/social/selfies movement has had a massive effect on the agency industry as well. Like.. why hire a model from an agency when you can pick somebody off Instagram with a large following? How much did Kendall Jenner make from Pepsi by posting this today?

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+1 This....

When you see lifelong photographers start "teaching" you know things are getting tight. Know any photographers with a six-figure income anymore?

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LOL either...

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