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How To Reach New Clients Through Pinterest

Guest writer, Adrienne Erin is an amateur photographer/designer and freelance writer who does social media marketing and has found that Pinterest is a fantastic social space to market a photo business, given the visual nature of the platform. She has shared 5 simple steps at how to get started on Pinterest.

Pinterest is the most visual of the emerging social media platforms, and this makes it an ideal platform for a photography business looking to reach new clients. If you're unfamiliar with Pinterest, it serves as a sort of virtual pinboard.

Photographing Birds Of Prey At A Local Bird Sanctuary

Guest Writer, Paul Monaghan is a self taught photographer based just out side of Glasgow in Scotland who has has been shooting for the better part of six years. When he first started, he would shoot everything around him from landscapes, people and concerts. Eventually, he found his way to birds.

How Adobe Gave Me Three Free Months of Creative Cloud (COVID-19 Discount)

Freelancers, we're no different than anyone else suffering because of the pandemic and associated economic setbacks. Maybe that's not correct, because we've probably become more resilient to uncertainty just by our job description alone. Lucky for us, some brands are paying attention and doing what they can do soften the hit. This is how I received three months free from Adobe Creative Cloud.

Do You Know How To Price Your Photography?

Do you charge for your photography? For the photographers who want to use their passion as a revenue opportunity, you will have to figure out what works best for you.

My Six Favorite Tips for a Successful Career

Last week someone asked what I did to have a strong photography career and be able to photograph some of the most legendary people? For the end of the year, I thought it was great to list some of my favorites habits which I am hopeful will also help you. Watch the video to see me break down some of my favorites.

Photography Mistakes I Made as a Beginner

You'll make countless mistakes as a professional photographer. This is how we grow as artists and entrepreneurs, and I encourage experimenting with your marketing and photography. I'm certain someone will object, but show the person without mistakes, and I'll show you a person who has accomplished very little.

Three Steps to Booking More Clients

There are three questions that I ask each new potential client, and those answers will determine the entire creative direction of the project.

4 Ways That I Find Photography Locations

Location scouting is a job you do, whether you know it or not. In this video, I discuss the four methods that I often use for finding the perfect photoshoot location.

How I Found my Photography Style

You'll often hear people talking about your photography style, but what does that mean? Does it matter in how you book jobs or how much you can charge? How does one even find their photography style, and why is it important?

Ask a Copyright and Licensing Attorney Your Photography Legal Questions Right Now

Every photographer out there either has legal counsel or very much should have legal counsel. After all, it's a new world out there, and protecting your intellectual property here in 2015 is crucial. That said, there are those who have yet to seek legal counsel, or perhaps feel no need to as they shoot as a hobby. But if you could ask a copyright and licensing attorney anything, what would you ask?

Are You a Selfish Photographer?

I'm fairly certain this one might light up the comments: If you don't act on your photography business goals, you're selfish.

Learn Lighting From the Eyes

When I picked up the camera a little over a decade ago, I decided that I'd cut out magazine photographs and make a journal of images that had closeups of the eyes. It was the only access that I had to see the reflection that showed me a little moment behind the scenes of the photoshoot. It's the "lighting hack" that I tell everyone about, because it is the first clue to what type of lighting modifiers were used to achieve an image.

Fashion Photography And The Sound of Music

During the course of my 28-year photo career I’ve learned a lot from simply watching great movies, but watching great movies alone isn’t enough. You have to practice once you’ve been exposed to new information. We all love watching movies, and today I’d like to share an exercise you can do after watching a classic movie to become a better photographer.

In the Entertainment Industry, You Need FU Money

In my 10th-grade drama class, my teacher would usually hand me a detention slip for "toilet humor" for breaking her rules with my drama productions. I was immature and found humor in pushing her buttons.

Want To Grow Your Photography Business? Ask For Help

There will always be paid advertisement, and you can explore that. Do not forget about the possibility of free advertisement from people in your lives. Your friends and family are there to help. Getting a recommendation from your close circle serves as a powerful tool for the new photographer.