Macro Photography

4 Important Aspects of Taking Sharp Macro Photos

No matter the genre, few things matter more to the majority of photographers than the sharpness of their photos. For macro photographers, sharpness is one of the top challenges, and this great video tutorial will show you four of the most important aspects of creating a sharp macro photo and give you a variety of helpful tips for ensuring you do so.

Which Is the Better Choice, A Macro Lens or Extension Tubes?

If you want to photograph small things, you need to get close. For that, you can choose a macro lens. But there is an alternative that is much cheaper. Extension tubes transform any lens into a macro lens. But what is the better choice?

Laowa Launches Year Long Free Live Stream Series 'Meeting Masters'

Venus Laowa, a lens manufacturer known for their off-beat collection of manual focus lenses has launched a series of free live stream events on its Facebook page called "Meeting Masters." For the rest of the year, the company will be hosting photographers from all over the world to cover various topics related to photography using Laowa's collection of lenses.

Fstoppers Interviews Macro Photographer Andres Moline

Today I am interviewing my great friend and accomplished macro photographer Andres Moline. With an eye for design and a love of arthropods, Moline's work is truly captivating. He specializes in shooting sharp handheld focus stacks that leave you in awe looking at all of the little details.

How to Capture Beautiful Photographs of Snowflakes

Photographer Don Komarechka is renowned for his macro work, particularly his images of snowflakes. In this short video, he runs you through how he goes about capturing these tiny ice crystals and their always unique six-fold symmetry.

Macro Bug Photography on a Budget

Enter the world of high magnification bug photography without breaking the bank. Learn how to turn kit you probably already have into a close-up winner and take macro masterpieces at home in no time.

What I Photographed When My Pet Died

It's difficult when a pet dies, but as photographers, we can choose to honor our loved ones with photos that will last forever. Here's what I chose to photograph when my pet died.

8 Ways You Can Make Money With Macro Photography

Macro photography is a more specialized genre than most, and as such, if you specialize in it, it can be tricky knowing how to turn your skills into actual income. This fantastic video discusses eight different ways you can create income using macro photography.

Make Miniature Worlds Out of Food at Home

Camera trickery has been around since cameras were first invented. By using a technique to create a forced perspective, you can make everyday objects appear like they're part of the much larger world.