BTS: Mike Johnston For Vater Percussion

I'm all about getting the shot that you need in camera as much as possible. If you can achieve an effect in front of your camera and spend less time in Photoshop then the more the better. Sasha Leahovcenco  recently shot an ad for Vater Percussion with Mike Johnston. In this behind the scenes video he explains everything that he uses to create the shots, even explaining why he decided to go natural lighting on the main ad shot itself. 


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So he trucked in all that lighting gear...then ended up using the best light available. Natural.

I had two different setups for 2 different photos.

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Both setups were great, Sasha. 

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The final image of the sticks in the air is incredible. Did you guys think of that on the fly (pardon the pun) or was that a concept you had before the shoot?

BTW - I noticed your assistants dropped a bunch of them down that 20' hole in the ground LOL.

I can the concept in my head prior to the shoot, but we adjusted it a bit when I actually started shooting. 

free sticks, nobody cared ;)

it looks like they threw them in front and behind and then baked them all into the photo in post.

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If I have to hear that song one more time in a video, I'm going to... 
Otherwise good video!

This is awesome. I'm a drummer AND a photographer so I really really dig this. Good job dude. 

thanks man!