[BTS] Sound Triggered Ink Explosions At 5400 Frames Per Second!

Have you ever wondered what printer ink would look like exploding in slow motion? Wonder no more! This fantastic behind the scenes video from a Canon Pixma commercial shows how the team captured ink explosions using an audio trigger. It certainly helps that they chose to use a camera capable of shooting at a face melting speed of 5400 frames per second.

The video below pretty much speaks for its self. There are some truly beautiful photos captured using this impressive setup. Not only were they shooting at 5400 F.P.S., they also had the camera rotating around the subject at a high rate of speed to increase the sense of motion.  Making matters worse for the photographer; he was working with a depth of field of less than ½ an inch!  Check out the video and make sure to view it at the 720p settings if you machine can handle that sort of thing.

Via Westside Studio Blog

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I tried this out a while ago, although with a much cheaper camera and smaller budget. :)

Beautiful commercial.  I really enjoyed the stills they got from the shoot.

Matt Le Blanc's picture

Still cant believe that after 2 years this hasn't been viewed more times. Thanks for the re-share!

After seeing the commercial last year, I had to try it. It was a lot of fun!


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how safe to use... an old used ink again.. to 9900