Fresh Photography Of Caesar Lima

Caesars' campaign was just features on a PDN article by Barbara Goldman:

Here's a clever idea: Create a campaign without showing the product. May sound a little crazy but fashion photographer Caesar Lima can be credited for the inspiration and 100 percent conceptual approach for the latest campaign for client Taste Clothing. When it comes to creating a youthful and fashionable look, Taste Clothing is known for combining distinctive stitching, stones and flocking in various combinations. They have strikingly designed lines that feature dynamic and brilliantly colorful and abstract images. Their apparel is a fusion of musical inspiration with eye-popping visuals. They even refer to their creations as "Art to Wear."

The concept was to shoot an image that looked cool and sexy. "I liked the chocolate because we didn't show any product, it was visually very sensual and chocolate had to do with their name 'Taste'," explains Lima.

The biggest problem at the heart of the campaign was that he was not sure how to achieve the chocolate look, but Veronica Hernandez, Lima's make up artist and special FX specialist did research for the effect. She was able to combine latex plus brown dye plus baby oil and, of course, they did a quick test as part of their pre-production. The chocolate mix worked fine but unfortunately for model, Brittany Moser, did not have the most pleasing odor. "Yes, I used liquid latex, brown dye and for shine we used glycerin. It took a patient model and plenty of ventilation because the smell was so bad. People actually think its real chocolate. They always ask how it was done," laughs Hernandez.

On the day of he shoot, everything was going very smoothly until Lima realized that as the latex dried, it created wrinkles all over the model's body when she moved her arm or leg. Lima had to end up doing do a lot of retouching to fix that wrinkled look, but he achieved everything the client wanted.

To see more of Caesar Lima please visit his website

The Making of the chocolate girl from Caesar Lima on Vimeo.

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