Artist Photographs His Nightmares

Photographer Nicolas Bruno suffers from sleep paralysis, a condition where a person experiences the inability to move or to speak during waking or falling asleep, sometimes for a few seconds and sometimes for several minutes. In more frightening instances, one might experience hallucinations or imagined physical experiences that one is unable to react to. Bruno decided to show the world the effects of this puzzling condition.

Rather than being a victim of the nightmares that plague him during his episodes of sleep paralysis, the Long Island, New York photographer chose to take control and ownership of his experiences through art.

The images that Bruno creates are disturbing, powerful, and surrealist visions of what he experiences during episodes of paralysis. While creating the images, he often places himself in the roll of both victim and aggressor, which points toward the strange dichotomy of being both the victim of a condition he can't control, and the perpetrator of his own nightmares. Whether you have ever experienced sleep paralysis or not, his series is captivating and well worth your time.

His work can be seen on his Instagram account, which is also both dark and yet unexpectedly hopeful, in that one can take their struggles and create something profound. 

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Diko Jelev's picture

This artist is AWESOME!

Jeff Goe's picture

Honestly I think he needs to call out to Jesus to be saved when it happens. Some very notable and large studies have been done on the subject. People from all around the world that have called out to the lord in Jesus name to be saved have resolved the occurrences. Many studies and documentaries are available on the internet and youtube.

Sean Gibson's picture

Good Lord (pun intended). Take that shit to some disney fantasy forum where it belongs. I'm not saying that someone who has an irrational fear of something fictional, can't be comforted by the irrational thinking that a fictional being is looking after them, but it's not really helping the underlying issue they have. What he is doing seems to be working, and he's doing it in a creative way that he is also benefiting from, win win.