Artists Create Giant Aurora Alien Cats

While we are inundated with beautiful images of the northern lights online and on social media, I think it's safe to say you've never seen aurora art like this before.

Seeing and capturing the shimmering color and light of the aurora borealis is a bucket-list item for many photographers with aurora hunting in Iceland becoming especially popular these days. Two artists have taken aurora imagery to another dimension with a collaborative project between photographer Jarrad Seng and artist Prez Juan called Aurora Ailouros.

The project concept is described thusly: "[f]or many millennia, an Ancient Egyptian prophecy has predicted the Aurora Ailouros - a catatonic cosmic event in which the veil between human and feline worlds is lifted, opening the sacred gateway for the first time." The collaboration involves using Seng's beautiful aurora images from Iceland with Juan carefully and creatively painting in acrylic "alien feline overlords" over the top. The end result is a striking artistic vision of celestial cats streaking across the Icelandic landscape.

Seng and Juan concluded a one-week gallery exhibition of the work in Fremantle in Western Australia. Prints are available for sales at this link. No word yet on whether a canine companion project will follow. 

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lee arthur's picture

I'm still not sure what I'm looking at... Is this photographs, or paintings based on a photograph? Maybe a painting over a photograph? Either way, still some of the images are really nice. Some I did not care for, but that's just subjective.