Beautiful Oasis in an Otherwise Hectic World: A Unique Photo Series

Beautiful Oasis in an Otherwise Hectic World: A Unique Photo Series

Art is a huge form of self expression. We use it to push through a traumatic experience, to pull us out of sadness, or even to express the intense happiness we feel when we are overwhelmed with the beauty that surrounds us. Sometimes, we can also have this same effect on others maybe without even trying . 

Art is different to everyone. Some art leaves one breathless while another standing next to them feels no emotion at all. Some art can strick a nerve or rage in someone, yet the rest of the gathering of friends just feels it is a beautiful image. I have stood in-front of an image in a museum emotionally wrapped up inside of it, while others walked by without even a second glance. It works as a visual stimulus to evoke the emotional state of mind. 

One recent artist I came across, brought a range of emotions when viewing his image "Human Tetris." Rob Woodcox born in Houston, created an image that struck an overwhelming emotion. It contained the  simplicity with the lack of background distractions, the lines and connection between the subjects, along with the gravity defying thought process. The image was created to distract the viewer in how it was a composite for a moment to take in the strength it was meant to portray. 

He pulls his inspirations from painter René Magritte and surrealist photographers like Tim Walker. He wrote that in recent years he felt the urgency to create art that had impact and a positive change. "The world is full of pain and suffering, yet its also a beautiful oasis waiting to be shared and explored. I like to focus on the sharing and exploring aspects, to bring light to the communities around me that need encouragement and support" he wrote. 

One of the more difficult aspects is the ability to transcribe a replica of the images that you see in your mind he feels. In the past he focused on more bizarre imagery, but in more recent years his style has evolved to create whatever he imagined. He wants to establish a "unique perspective that puts human connectivity and beauty on the forefront, while discussing the current state of the world." He wrote that when he is creating an image that requires patience to capture the image in-camera or when it is a composite at the pos production stage, he typically sees the image in his head prior to the shoot. This is important for the composite work since he needs to be able to piece together the parts that will make the final image. In composites it is important to piece together lighting and shadows that work together. 

"I'm always welcome to some spontaneous influence, and in fact with any given shoot I typically schedule a certain amount of time to capture the planned images, and then an additional window of time for spontaneity. I'm often surprised at what I discover and find satisfaction in the overall results" he wrote. 

Working out of Mexico Cty part time, he has met teams of dancers in Mexico, LA, and NYC to help bring his ideas to life. Some images are ideas he has been thinking of for months. Once the plan is to create, it takes about two days to two weeks to bring it together. Location, models, and editing are some of the pieces that determine the length of time an image will take. Some of the simpler images such as the body painting will take about a day, yet the more complex imagery such as the composites may take weeks. 

Tree Of Life dancer photo required a team to create. A week of locating scouting, a van of 18 dancers and assistants along with a trip of six hours to the same dunes this image was started. Two days on location along with hours in Photoshop. He wrote that many times he would close the computer to come back days later with fresh eyes to revisit the image to publish. 

Preferred gear is as follows: Sony and Canon cameras, Canon and Sigma lenses, and Profoto lights. To see more of his work please follow him on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or his portfolio.

All images are with permission and courtesy of Rob Woodcox 

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Deleted Account's picture

Great article thanx

Rifki Syahputra's picture

just amazing..not a set of images you see everyday

Paul Scharff's picture

Innovative and creative concept, executed to perfection.

Patrick Hall's picture

I had the chance to meet Rob this summer in Alaska and his work is pretty awesome! Such and interesting guy.

Rob Woodcox's picture

Thanks Patrick! So glad we met... honestly missing Alaska, what a great week!

Gary Smith's picture

His work really is unique and staggering - his composite skills alone are something I don't imagine I'll ever have, not to mention the sheer visionary aspect of his work.

He used to live in the Portland, Oregon area, where I'm based, and I know several people that have shot with him. It's a shame I didn't get to meet him before he headed down to Mexico City.

Rob Woodcox's picture

Thank you for sharing my work! It was a pleasure to chat about what I love Jennifer Tallerico <3

Martin Melnick's picture

Rob is not only an incredible photographer, but a wonderful person too. Love his work.