Contest Entry: Andrew Roshka's "Out At Sea"

Andrew Roshka doesn't like to shoot the average portrait. Instead Andrew begins with an idea and a drawing. He then brings this concept to life no matter how complicated that may be. Check out this great BTSV on his very in depth shoot. bts Andrew Roshka - high res from Andrew Roshka on Vimeo.

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Very cool! The final product is incredible (from what I can see). Any chance to upload the photo?

Von Wong's picture

The final product is neat! Video a little slow though... ;)

Nice job Andrew. Interesting concept and neat to see everything come together. My only suggestion: the pacing is quite slow so be careful with that. Though the "chill/relaxed" feel can be nice in this hectic/fast paced world, you can easily lose viewers that way.

Actually one of my favorites right now. Not because of the video but because of the work and the effort he invested to create the final composite image. Well done!

Here Jarad, I added a page with the final images.
I will probably touch them up again before I add them to the website proper, let me know what you think could use some work.

It's amazing all the amount of work you put into this, I really think it is very effective in both, the emotional side as well as the technical side. Good Luck!

You can also check out

for HD video pan of the image that has a good amount of detail.

The image is weird and the video super slow. Andrew comes off as arrogant.