Father Photoshops Daughter Into Mischievous Situations for a Good Cause

Father Photoshops Daughter Into Mischievous Situations for a Good Cause

Sometimes as adults we draw our creativity from our children, there is something so innocent and fresh about how they see the world around them. Occasionally a few will include their children in this process and we are usually left with something both clever and adorable at the same time. This is what Stephen Crowley has done with his daughter Hannah, Photoshopping his images to create a story of a mischievous little girl always getting into dangerous situations.

I have always enjoyed artists who juxtapose the innocence of children with something darker. Whether in films like the Omen or Photographer Joshua Hoffine and his Nightmare series, there is just something captivating in seeing children in a way that if you ever actually came across it in public you would probably be freaked out. I'm not a father but I have always thought if I had the opportunity I would involve my children in some creative images. Something that would combine my interest in dark fairy tales and children that seem way to intelligent for their age. Crowley captures this idea of an intelligent little girl seemingly always getting caught in all the wrong places perfectly.

Hannah was diagnosed with a rare immune disorder leading to her spending months in the hospital and eventually receiving a bone marrow transplant from an anonymous donor. It was after this Crowley created his first image of Hannah on the fence by the lake.

It really just started as a bit of a joke. She had just come out of the hospital after spending more than half her life there at that stage, so to put her in such a dangerous position was sure to get some reaction.

Most of the comments seem to have been very positive with people finding it quite funny but Crowley referenced one comment from as a stranger as inspiring him to create more.

I try and find situations that you could find a toddler in if you weren't careful, just enough to make people stop and think, wait, is that real?

It's Obvious that Hannah is not really putting herself in these dangerous little situations and that some Photoshop wizardry is involved. While some people may suspect that Hannah is being added to the existing images Crowley says they are actually composites with people holding Hannah Photoshopped out, Usually his wife. The image of Hannah on the kitchen counter, which is also my favorite, took the most work. Its made of several images so as to get all the elements in the photo to work together. Considering the knives involved I cant image what went into it. 

It took a good few shots to get her to look in my direction, even though I wasn't actually there.


When I spoke with Crowley about his images he was happy to share his story with the Fstoppers community. His hope is that as the images have started to go Viral they can also help to raise awareness for Be The Match, a bone marrow registry that helps connect donors with people in need like Hannah and her family.

All images used with permission of Stephen Crowley.

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These make me happy.

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These make me laugh.