Here is What Famous People Would Look Like If You Averaged 50 Photos from Google

Here is What Famous People Would Look Like If You Averaged 50 Photos from Google

Have you ever wondered what Donald Trump would look like if you combined 50 random photos of him and averaged them together? That's exactly what Reddit user Dwainosaur did with his latest photo/data mashup. Using commonly found images on Google, these composites of celebrities like Barack Obama, Kayne West, Bill Murray, and Brad Pitt almost look like pencil drawings. The results are pretty eerie and give a pretty good idea what each of these well known people would look like as a ghost.  

There is some debate over exactly how the /dataisbeautiful user created these images. Dwainosaur claims he used an open sourced facial detection program to search Google Images and combine 50 images of each particular person.  In order to make a compelling composite, each photograph pulled from Google Images could not be entirely random.  All of the images used to create the composites were hand picked to include only the best forward facing portraits of each celebrity.  Dwainosaur say the following about the automated process he used:

For each iteration, I load 60 images from Google. This is automated. I then "cherrypick" ~50 images from those that work well for the averaging, These images typically have less tilt, are full front, and have minimal obstructions.

The face detection itself is simple. I use openCV's built-in haar cascade haar cascade function to detect and crop the faces. All ~50 images are added and averaged.

I find these portraits incredibly interesting to look at, and collectively they make up a unique "mixed media" type of aesthetic.  It is also fascinating to see the average facial expression many of these people display in the averages.  Comedians like Jack Black and Jimmy Fallon appear funny and inviting while many of the politicians range from approachable (Obama) to flat out angry (Trump).  Kayne West on the other hand looks quite depressed and sad.  Check out a few of the images below.   

Bill Murray

Brad Pitt

Jack Black

Jimmy Fallon

Mitch McConnell

Barack Obama

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Adolph Hitler

Kanye West

Joseph Stalin

Donald Trump

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I love that you put Kanye between Hitler and Stalin, the three worst human beings of the last 100 years.

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Hitler and Stalin Celebrities? WTF?

Patrick Hall's picture

Well technically they are. Obviously we call them dictators, mass murders, and other names as well today but back in the day they were celebrities. Celebrities are people who are celebrated by others, and well since they were popular rules of their countries I think it's fair to say they were praised as much as today's presidents (they may have had higher approval ratings). But looking back, maybe I should have used the word "famous" but then that would spark the infamous debate too. What word would fit best and I'll change it?

Mayo Nayse's picture

Don't try to make shit up to justify the use of "celebrities". You could get away using "famous people" instead.

Patrick Hall's picture

Either way, it doesn't seem like that big of a deal what they are called collectively. I changed the wording because I do think Famous is better; never thought symantics would get people so fired up

Mayo Nayse's picture

Anyone can be "celebrated" (using your logic) for who they are, but it doesn't turn either of those to celebrities. They were dictators who are responsible for the deaths of more than 100 million people. Kim Kardashian is a celebrity, not Hitler.

Anyway, it's good that you realize that it was a mistake to use this word. You also forgot a few instances of "celebrity" in the article itself.

Patrick Hall's picture

This was once a major syndicated television show watched by millions:

Obviously a lot of people disagreed with me in these comments and I'll acknowledge that, but it isn't just "my logic".

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It doesn't seem that Hussein was picked because he is a celebrity, but because they wanted to ridicule him.

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Get over yourself. Nobody cares bout an anonymous shithead's opinion of semantics.

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Famous seems to fit better. Hitler is always a sensitive topic here in Germany. ;)

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celebrities? ffs!

Mayo Nayse's picture

Just when I was going to sleep, you post this nightmare-maker.