Watch How I Create This Cyberpunk Composite in Photoshop

In this video walkthrough watch, as I show you how I created my "Neon God" cyberpunk image in Photoshop. One of my big influences is eighties movies, synth-wave music, and cyberpunk, so I enjoy nothing more than playing around and creating images in this style. To create this image I mixed an image I shot in the studio of the model in her outfit, and various stock, free and premium. The talented model made the costume herself, especially for the shoot. Usually, I start with the background first, but this time I built the image around the model. When you build around the model, it is always good to try to think of a story beforehand and search for relevant stock. In the video, you will see me use the pen tool to create selections, bring in, and match the stock images, I then move on to styling and color.

This video walkthrough is great for beginners who want to see how a composite like this is pieced together. When I was learning I found it of great benefit to watch other artists' processes and workflow. Taking what I needed and applying it to my own. Another way I used to learn w\as to watch speed edits on slow motion.

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