How To Create This Cyberpunk Noir Image in Photoshop

In this video walkthrough, watch as I show you all the steps it took to create this black and white cyber noir composite in Photoshop. This is a full walkthrough showing my process from beginning to end.

In the video, you will not only hear the thoughts running through my head as I edited the image, but also see the piece come together at the same time. The video starts with me explaining why I created this image. I love cyberpunk-themed images, but at the moment, it feels like they are everywhere, especially on Instagram. It is definitely oversaturated, and I wanted to stay away from the neon look and see if I could find a new angle. After realizing that a lot of the power comes from the colors, I thought: what if I could create a cyberpunk piece without its main component?Color. And I feel this is something everyone should do. Do not just copy what you see online, take it and do something new with it, even if it is only changing one thing.

As the video moves, along you will see me take the stock images and start to build up the portrait, first sketching the lines of the metal seams on the model's face on a blank layer to guide me. And from there, it was a case of trial and error as I tried out new techniques and played around with tools I do not use a lot in Photoshop. And that is where the power of personal work comes in. I learned around 3-4 new techniques in this image, which I can now expand and use on different work. Not only that, but it also started off what may well be a full series of images. So, do not be scared of experimentation. It is your friend.

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