And The Winner Is.....

Thank you so much to the 60+ people that submitted a video over the past few days to our contest. It's been awesome seeing photographers from around the world share their stories. As a special thanks to everyone that made a video, Lensrentals would like to hook you guys up with something for your effort. Just e-mail for your prize. On top of all of this, everyone that made a Facebook and/or Instagram video will be receiving the Bahamas Rob Grimm Product Photography workshop video for free this July. Please e-mail and I will get you on this list.


We would like to congratulate Rob Timko Photography as the grand prize winner of this event.


How The Winner Was Chosen

All four photographers, Lensrentals, and Fstoppers sent in their top 1, 2, and 3 picks for who they thought should go. Almost unanimously Rob was picked for the 10+ videos he made on Instagram and Facebook, his dedication to wanting to get better, his enthusiasm for the craft, and the drive he showed to want to learn from each of the 4 photographers. We hope you carry that enthusiasm with you down to the Bahamas.

Check out some of the Facebook videos here: 

Please contact me ASAP so we can make travel arrangements.



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John White's picture

Congratulations Rob!

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Great Job! Congrats Rob!'s picture

Rock on Rob!, Excited for ya

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Congrats Rob. You have my utmost jealousy. Absorb every moment for me.

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Congrats Rob! Soak up all that info out there and have fun!

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Well Done Rob and thanks to all involved for the oppertunity.

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