And The Winner Of Fstoppers' Gulf Photo Plus Trip To Dubai Is...

Over the last 10 days we have been running a contest to send one lucky reader to Dubai for Gulf Photo Plus 2013. Not only does the winner get all their travel expenses covered but they also get a full access pass to the whole event and workshops of their choosing. Lee and I threw in free copies of our How To Become a Professional Commercial Wedding Photographer and Peter Hurley's The Art Behind The Headshot to sweeten the deal even more. Want to know who wins? Watch the video above or continuing reading below.

After randomly picking one semi finalist through Twitter, Facebook, and, we decided to film ourselves picking the final winner. As we did announcing the winner of our big $14,000 Behind the Scenes Contest, we tried to surprise the winner on camera as they received the exciting news.

Congrats to Philip Vukelich for winning one of the most exciting contests we've done. Here is his winning comment:

dubai contest winner

Philip also will receive a free copy of our 14 hour wedding tutorial How To Become A Professional Commercial Wedding Photographer How To Become A Professional Commercial Wedding Photographer. You can learn more about this in the video below.

Philip will also get a free copy of Peter Hurley's The Art Behind The Headshot as well! The Art Behind Headshot. If you haven't seen Peter's amazing approach to directing models, you can learn more about that here:

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Tam Nguyen's picture

Is that Pat drinking scotch?

Patrick Hall's picture

scotch looks surprisingly like Caffeine Free Diet Coke....yeah lets say that was Scotch!

Dang it... but in truth, big congrats to Philip for winning! It's a trip that is sure never to be topped, and one that will remain engrained in his memory for the rest of his life. WEll done, and have a blast guys!

Tam Nguyen's picture

Oh. My. Fucking. God. That guy didn't recognize your voices? FAILED!!!!!!!!

Tam Nguyen's picture

Man I love Lee's photographer hat too. EPIC! Lucky bastard.

Ett Venter's picture

Patiently waiting for Philip's "Hell Yeah" comment on this post :D

Zach Sutton's picture

Congrats to you Phillip!

Andrew Griswold's picture

Congrats Philip! Trip of a lifetime! Enjoy it.

Congrats! :) 


Patrick and Lee, such a consolation prize? a DVD for this follower of Venezuela!!!. Congratulations Phillip...

I am so disappointed I didn't win but at the same time I am happy for the winner. Opportunity of a lifetime!

Here it is, Ett Venter: Hell yeah! I'm incredibly excited to go learn more about the thing we all love in one of the coolest cities I could imagine. I'm sorry not everyone who entered gets the chance to go to Dubai. I wish you could all come, but I will do my best to share the experience with you. It will be an experience I will never forget. Thank you, Patrick, Lee, and the rest of Fstoppers. You guys are awesome! Now I have to figure out how to make it through my classes until March when all I'll want to think about is how amazing GPP will be.

So the moral to the story basically is.... If you mildly cuss with your (apparently) well thought out submission, you'll win. That was quite a eloquent blurb.

Congrats to you Phillip.

Congratulations Philip.

David S Kalonick's picture

I just moved to Dubai 3 months ago. It's pretty insane. Bring your life savings. It's hard to ball on a budget here.