Announcing the Fstoppers Photographer of the Year and the Winner of a Free Fstoppers Tutorial

The votes are in, and you've helped to choose our Fstoppers Photographer of the Year! We've also randomly selected one member who voted to receive a free Fstoppers tutorial of their choice!

Photographer of the Year

The votes were incredibly close, with four votes separating the winner and second place, but Eric Paré was your choice as the Fstoppers Photographer of the Year. We originally featured Eric in March, when his jaw-dropping light-painting caught our eyes. Check out some of Eric's amazing work.

Eric will receive his choice of any Fstoppers tutorial from our store. I spoke to him just a bit ago to tell him the good news, and after sending me a very humorous GIF, he told me:

YESSS! I nearly became Employee of the Year at McDonald's a while ago. This is my revenge!

Be sure to follow Eric on Fstoppers, Instagram, and his website. Also be sure to check out his Facebook group, where you can interact with him personally and learn his techniques. He's a super kind and helpful guy from whom you can learn quite a lot.

Winner of a Free Fstoppers Tutorial

In addition, everyone who voted and commented on the original article was entered to win a free Fstoppers tutorial of their choice. Jacopo Pregnolato was our randomly chosen winner! He selected "Photographing the World: Cityscape, Astrophotography, and Advanced Post-Processing," our second tutorial with Elia Locardi.

Photographer of the Month Awards for 2017

Continuing this year, we'll be selecting a photographer of the month. Each month, we'll cull the best of the most recent photos in the community and select our favorite, featuring that photographer's work. At the end of the year, we'll select an overall winner from the 12 monthly winners, who will win a tutorial of their choice from the Fstoppers store. To qualify each month, you simply must have uploaded an image to your portfolio in the past 30 days.​ So, get out there, post some photos, and check out the work of the talented Fstoppers community! We're pleased to have you here.

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Muyingo Siraj's picture

Amazing Pictures, congratulations Eric Pare

Adam T's picture

Awesome work, my only crit is that this guy can shoot very very well and you give him Tutorials.

Eric Pare's picture

Thanks :D
I still have a lot to learn :) I've had an eye on the landscape tutorial by Elia Locardi for a while :)

Mario Burgos's picture

Congrats Eric! I'm really happy for you :-)

Jordan Pinder's picture

Congrats Eric!

Jacopo Pregnolato's picture

wow thank you! and congrats to Eric!

Denis Girard's picture

Bravo Éric , tu torches! ;)

Eric Pare's picture

héhéhé joieeeee ::)

Piotr Maksymowicz's picture

Congrats! Great photos I like them a lot!

Eric Pare's picture

thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu :)

Pedro Pulido's picture

no doubt, awesome work! Well deserved! Congratulations!! Keep it up Eric !

Zach Alan's picture

Congratulations mon poulet! #teamtube

Eric Pare's picture

Forever poulet mon t'chummé :)

Gail Jordan's picture

I saw this on Instagram and had to rush over here and join this site and congratulate you again!! :) Congrats Eric!!!!

Eric Pare's picture

haha thanks ::)

Felix Hernandez's picture

His work is amazing... Congrats Eric!!!!, Hugs!

Nissor Abdourazakov's picture

Amazing work!

Shaun Rose's picture

Awesome Eric...Congrats!!!

Richard Morwood's picture

Woohoo!! Congratulations Eric!

Angela Perez's picture


Patrick Hall's picture

Congrats Eric!!! Your work is sick, along with the other runners up, and we hope to see more of your work on FS in 2017 (maybe even some cityscapes)

Eric Pare's picture

thanks Patrick! We're not good with cities... but maybe underwater lost cities... we'll see... :P