10 Photographers You Should Be Following On Fstoppers Right Now

10 Photographers You Should Be Following On Fstoppers Right Now

A few months ago we launched the Fstoppers Community which allows members create profiles, share their portfolio images/videos, and connect more easily with other readers and the Fstoppers staff. I've compiled a list of 10 of my favorite photographers on Fstoppers right now. 

"Following" a photographer or writer on Fstoppers is extremely easy. Simply click on their name, visit their profile, and click the "follow" button, right next to their name. You will be notified when photographers you are following have uploaded a new picture or published a new article on Fstoppers. 

Now that you know how to follow these photographers, let's go down the list. 

1. Dani Diamond

Dani Diamond is already the most followed photographer on Fstoppers but it's well deserved. By writing for Fstoppers, becoming a social media giant, and consistently uploading images to his portfolio, Dani has reached the top and doesn't seem to be slowing down. If for some reason you aren't already following this incredible portrait photographer, it's not too late to jump on board. 

2. Julia Kuzmenko McKim

Julia Mckim is my favorite beauty photographer. Her eye for detail is unmatched and her retouching is incredible. There is a good chance you are already following her but just in case you aren't, now's the time. 

3. Joey Wright

We asked Joey to teach at our Bahamas workshop this year because his swimwear photography is of the highest quality without crossing the line into "trashy." I'm sure he will be shooting for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition in the very near future. 

4. Peter Coulson

One of the most active uploaders to the Fstoppers Community is Peter Coulson. His Stunning black and white images have already gained him a massive following and you certainly shouldn't miss his incredible work. 

5. Elia Locardi

​For the past year I've had the pleasure of getting to know Elia Locardi during the filming of our landscape photography tutorial with him. He has become one of the most followed photographers on social media and his portfolio is one of the highest rated on all of Fstoppers. 

6. Sean Archer

Sean's classic portraits on muslin backgrounds have been gaining traction in the community recently. His simple lighting, beautiful models, and tasteful post production have produced a ton of incredible timeless images. 

7. Nikolai Lev4enko

I've really enjoyed following Nikolai because I've always been surprised by the variety of images that he uploads. One day it's a dark portrait and the next is a sexy fashion shot. Follow him today to see what he comes up with next.  

8. David Love

I've never been a huge fan of cosplay but David Love has taken the genre to new heights. If you want to see your favorite characters, made up, lit, and retouched to perfection, look no further. 

9. Adrian Zaharia

​One of my favorite fashion photographers on Fstoppers right now is Adrian Zaharia. I love the variety in his portfolio but the quality of his work remains top notch throughout. 

10. Vicky Papas Vergara

​Vicky's photography has gone far beyond simple fashion photography. She helps create one of a kind clothing and builds her shots from the ground up. If you like a photographer with a vision, you will definitely want to follow Vicky. 

We are going to start promoting photographers in the Fstoppers Community on a regular basis. If you would like to promote your work, get involved in the community and the new Fstoppers Groups. Also, don't forget to follow me as well to stay up to date on my latest articles and videos. 

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Scott Mosley's picture

Need some wedding/event or photojournalists on this list :)

Lee Morris's picture

Agreed. I will be creating lists with my favorite photographers on a more regular basis. As of right now, I personally haven't noticed any wedding photographers consistently uploading images that are as good as the ones above (this includes me).

Jason Vinson's picture

ya I'm super bad about uploading images... this just motivated me to add some. Going to try and stay on top of adding work here as consistently as I am with Instagram.

Daniel LittleThunder's picture

My favorites are Gabe McClintock and John Mark.

Kasper Thorup's picture

Take a look at my profile for some photojournalism..

Fritz Asuro's picture

First of all, to all photographers featured - amazing work! Very impressive indeed.

This is very interesting. It would challenge some to do more to showcase themselves and hopefully to be featured. I was just a little disappointed to see that most of the work displayed right now are concentrated with fashion & portraiture. How about the other genres of photography? I would suggest that feature a photographer from 10 different fields of photography.

Lee Morris's picture

I'll keep that in mind for the next list

Samten Norbù's picture

You're right ! Event tho it's a really great selection, it's also a really trendy one !
On many aspect I do appreciate this graphic trend we can feel in most of the selected, but sometime it make me also feel that this is the only way now to approach photo... that leave me with ambivalent feelings ( but not reducing in any way my admiration for the featured ones !)

E W's picture

I'm not sure what the message is. We should follow photographers who shoot women selling sex?

Lee Morris's picture

I guess if you find portraits of women to be selling sex... There isn't any motive here. These are 10 photographers who do amazing work that I like to follow. If you're offended by there work, don't follow them

Vicky Papas Vergara's picture

Ohhh Goodness!!!! Lee you ROCK!!!!

E W's picture

I was referring to the lack of diversity and the fact that a common theme in the majority of shots you presented. Not offended at all. just bored.

David Vaughn's picture

Spectacular photography, for sure.

But as others have mentioned, the photography featured here does seem a little...skewed...

Not a bad thing since this article is personal opinion, but I do wish more genres were featured more prominently (even though there probably aren't as many photographers who are a part of them).

Alice Avenne's picture

Where is Michael W.? I am just gonna call him Michael W. Because I can never remember how to spell his name, sorry, but you are still awesome.

Lee Morris's picture

He will certainly be making an upcoming list :)

Alice Avenne's picture

I hope so, he is definitely in the top 3 best photographers on fstoppers! Also Kendra should be on here, while her style is a bit less mainstream she still deserves to be on here!

Prefers Film's picture

I really like Dani's work. He reminds me that it's the photographer's vision, not the gear that matters. And Nikolai's for his versatility.

While I like Joey's work, I polled my wife with the "classy or trashy" question. She wanted to know why a "swimwear model" with her top off is not considered trashy.

Robin Browne's picture

Well done, I will look forward to the next group.

Justin Haugen's picture

There should be a reader nomination list. I've been collecting awesome photographers like pokemon.

Lee Morris's picture

Post your favorites that I've missed right here

Lee Morris's picture

Sadly, that guy is doing more video than stills these days

Justin Haugen's picture


Justin Haugen's picture

This guy has caught my attention. He basically travels all over Europe and takes beautiful photos. It gives me severe wanderlust https://fstoppers.com/profile/45566

Julia Kuzmenko McKim's picture

Wow, thank you so much, Lee! It's an honor to be among such incredibly talented artists <3

Andrew Strother's picture

Your camera takes really nice pictures.

Prefers Film's picture

People love my bear photos. A 600mm lens on a crop body, plus a plane ticket, and they can get nearly the same result. ;)

Sean Archer's picture

Thank you a lot, Lee)

Neil Buchan Grant's picture

stunning selection of work, this post enticed me to join up!!

Doug Day's picture

Amazing work guys. I agree lets see a mix of stuff.

Gary Barber's picture

Sean Archers portrait work is absolutely superb. But I second Scott and would also like to see some photojournalism included in these articles. What would be even better is an article on the best 35mm film photography. Photoshop gets a bit sickly on the eyes after a while. How about some real photographs with light, grain, character and soul?

Rebekah Vesey's picture

Really enjoyed this! Thank you!
Wondering who's the photographer behind the very top b&w image of the woman holding the fur blanket? Really love that one too, reminds me of Mark Wangerin's work.

Lee Morris's picture

It's another shot by Peter Coulson. Sorry I didn't make that clear

Percy Ortiz's picture

5 out of 10. I'm on the ball... almost :P

Vicky Papas Vergara's picture

Happy dance! Thank you guys so much! xxxx

Jeremie Montessuis's picture

Nice article, thanks.

Peter Coulson's picture

Thanks heaps :)

Vicky Papas Vergara's picture

you ROCK Coulson! xxxxx

Vicky Papas Vergara's picture

honoured to be on this list, amongst amazingly talented peeps! especially my friend Peter Coulson and gorgeous Julia Kuzmenko Mckim xxxxxx

Simon Anderson's picture

Nope couldn't see my name in the list, I must be number 11 :-)