[Contest] Fstoppers Forum Contest: Best Self Portrait Wins An Apollo

Hey everyone! My name is Jaron Schneider and I am the latest addition to the Fstoppers team. If you have been visiting our page or group on Facebook, you may recognize me. I have been tasked with running FS Interactive which is our contests and social medias.

We have been getting a lot of questions asking about the contests and we apologize for the wait. However, with patience often comes great things. In addition to our ongoing 2011 BTS Video Contest, we have three monthly contests now in the rotation. More details on the other two soon to come in the next week, but this week we start things off with the return of our forum contest! You have a chance to win a Westcott Apollo Orb, an innovative revamp of the classic photographic lighting tool, the Apollo. The Orb was only officially released last month, so it's a brand new product that we are really happy to give away. Big thank you to FJ Westcott!

How to Win:

What do you have to do to win? Just register on the forums, find this thread, and submit your best self portrait. This first contest will be judged by myself, Lee and Patrick, but after that the winner will be the judge of the next month's contest (just like old times). The winner will also get their name and photography added to the famed Fstoppers top banner with a link to your personal website.

Below is a video showing you some of the features of the Westcott Apollo Orb.

From the Official Press Release:

"In 1988, the ApolloTM product was launched to market. Now, in 2011, Westcott is excited to announce the re-launch of the ApolloTM line. With a revamp of a 20+ year-old logo along with the addition of two new products, the ApolloTM line is still one of the most amazing and portable light modifiers on the market to date. Because of customer requests, Westcott is adding the ApolloTM Orb and Strip."

The new ApolloTM Orb (#2336) is a mid-sized softbox that offers soft lighting effect for portrait and on-location photography. With a 43" diameter, the Orb is ideal as a main light as well as a fill. Containing a recessed and removable front diffusion panel, it provides soft, directional light and allows for easy light feathering. No adapter ring necessary, this softbox fits on any standard umbrella receptacle."

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Does the apollo orb come with the stand?