[Contest] PumpUptheVolume! Win Big with Slacker Premium Radio

Amateurs and pros alike know that in order to get themselves and models in the zone, the right tunes are a must for any studio. Well now you can get a library of music that puts Pandora to shame with Slacker Premium Radio. We're giving away three free months, and all you have to do to enter is follow @fstoppers and @SlackerRadio on Twitter, and tweet the following message:

Follow @fstoppers & @SlackerRadio and retweet this message to win 3 months of Slacker Premium Radio http://bit.ly/zVTtO5

Why Slacker Radio? I'm a big fan of Slacker, and for good reason. Not only is their library of music massive, several times larger than Pandora, they have more options than any other online music service. Slacker Premium Radio enables listeners to search, play and replay specific songs and entire albums from the Slacker library, which features over 8 million songs, as well as provides easy access to top songs and artists from each of the 150+ expert-programmed Slacker genre stations. Listeners also have the ability to create specific playlists both on mobile and on the web, and even experience off-line playback through the ability to cache stations, playlists and entire albums.

My favorite function though is the ability to cache stations to my phone. So even if I have poor reception, my stations don't get interrupted and my music plays loud for hours on end.

Here's what you get with Slacker Premium Radio:
• Search, play and replay specific songs or entire albums
• Create specific playlists on mobile and on the web
• Off-line playback of stations, playlists and albums on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, Android and BlackBerry smartphones
• Replay specific songs on programmed and custom stations
• Browse and play "Favorite" songs, now collected in one location
• Unlimited song skipping
• Ad-free listening
• Complete song lyrics
• Browse Top Charts on all Slacker genre stations
• “Peek Ahead” artist, album and song preview
• Ability to skip forward and backward

And as of yesterday, now listen to streaming LIVE ESPN games through Slacker! Can't catch the game on TV? I know how that can be. Now you can stream it live and have it where you want it.

Make sure you follow both Fstoppers and Slacker on Twitter and get your tweet in before January 24, 2012. We'll announce the random winner the next day. If you are looking for more information on Slacker Radio, visit Slacker.com/everywhere.

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