Could You Win This Unusual One Light Challenge Competition?

I love photography and videography competitions, particularly with they take some thought to be able to enter. Well, this one light challenge is exactly that.

YouTubers and filmmakers Sidney Diongzon and Armando Ferreira have teamed up to create the one light challenge. However, the rules aren't quite as easy as they may sound:


1. Make a short film no longer than 90 seconds, and show how you filmed it with some BTS.

2. You MUST use one ordinary household light source as your MAIN LIGHT.

3. Upload your video to YouTube and with the title ONE LIGHT CHALLENGE, and use the hashtag #OneLightChallenge in your description to submit your entry.

4. Submit your video by August 31, 2018 for a chance to win some awesome filmmaking prizes!

Competitions asking you to use only one light aren't particularly unheard of, but a one light challenge where the only light has to be a household object, that's a bit more interesting. Not to mention, that's significantly more difficult. I'll be keeping an eye on this one as I can imagine there will be some very creative solutions.

Diongzon's entry using a match reminds me of the famous Stanley Kubrick film Barry Lyndon where a scene was shot on a NASA Zeiss f/0.7 50mm lens by only candlelight, as seen below:

You'll be hard pushed to find one of those lenses on eBay though, so you'll have to make do with the nifty fifty instead!

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Interesting videos by them both!