[Expired] Enter to Win a SanDisk Storage Bundle Including 128GB CF Card!

[Expired] Enter to Win a SanDisk Storage Bundle Including 128GB CF Card!

We’ve teamed up with SanDisk for a product bundle giveaway featuring the Extreme PRO CompactFlash, newly upgraded Extreme Pro SDXC UHS-I cards and the Ultra Dual USB Drive to bring you the ultimate memory storage bundle. All you need to do to win is tell us what you will shoot with all that storage space!

4K Ultra HD video resolution is the next generation of video quality ushering a new era of consumer devices that require fast, reliable storage as a core enabling component. The exceptional resolution that 4K Ultra HD video delivers comes at the expense of very large files that can reach up to four times the size of a Full HD (1080p) video file. With this bundle, you can rest assured you have the high performance and capacity necessary to capture the highest quality video possible no matter if you are using a DSLR, point and shoot or mobile device.

Prize Pack

Extreme PRO CompactFlash 128GB

Optimized for 4K video capture, the SanDisk Extreme PRO CompactFlash Memory Card delivers a minimum sustained write speed of 65MB/s with an industry-leading shot speed of up to 150MB/s. And with transfer speeds of up to 160MB/s, it makes it easy to move even large files for storage and editing. With this memory card's dependability and extreme speed, you'll experience faster shot-to-shot performance, increased workflow efficiency, and better use of advanced functions, such as multiple frames per second shooting and continuous burst mode shooting.

Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I 64GB (x2)

Never miss the moment with the world's fastest SDHC/SDXC memory card. With write speeds up to 90 MB/s and read speeds up to 95 MB/s this card exploits your DSLR's potential for continuous burst mode shooting. Engineered with UHS-I bus architecture, it is designed to exceed rigorous performance standards. You'll catch all those high-resolution action shots the moment they happen. The card also features Class 10 and UHS Speed Class 3 (U3) ratings, which is recommended by the SD Association for 4K Ultra HD video capture.

Ultra Dual USB Drive 64GB

The Ultra Dual USB Drive allows you to easily transfer files between Android™ smartphones and tablets, PC and Mac computers, freeing up space for photos, videos and more! You can listen to more music, share more videos and photos, and watch HD movies—without worrying about filling up your phone’s internal memory!

Rules and How to Win

1) You must live in the United States or Canada and at least 18 years of age in order to be eligible to win.

2) To submit your entry, simply comment below and tell us what you would shoot with all that glorious storage. That's it! One lucky winner (randomly selected) will get the whole package and walk away with enough storage to shoot just about anything. 

3) The contest ends in one week, September 17, 2014 at noon. Good luck!


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jessepatterson's picture

I would love to shoot weddings with the 64GB SD card!!! They would be perfect for my new 70D!

Justin Davis's picture

While I would shoot all sorts of photography and video projects as I try to build my own business, I think the most important thing I would shoot would be photos and videos on my honeymoon in Maine coming up in about a month!

I would photograph what I have photographed every day for the last 6 plus years, my daughters.

I would use all this memory to shoot continuous portraits for my business and all the Colorado landscapes out there that are waiting for me to shoot them . :)

Athel Rogers's picture

I would finally be able to shoot more than 4 seconds of RAW video on my 5D Mark 3. It would be amazing to finally utilize it to its full capacity.

David Lara's picture

Higher rated & capacity cards will definitely be great for upcoming weddings and bts video for a commercial shoot for an upcoming apparel line project in NYC. That usb is amazing to carry around media for the long hours of travel betweent NC and NYC :)

I would shoot fashion photography and video with these memory cards!

Trustin Nguyen's picture

My most current Compact, SD cards aren't fast enough to keep up with my new cameras/camcorders. I've been meaning to upgrade to a bigger and faster one but I don't know which one. I believe with this bundle, the high performance and capacity necessary to capture the highest quality video possible, I don't have to worry about anymore.

I take day trips every weekend and shoot everything from landscapes to street photography. I'd love to have all this storage for my travels.

Last month I attended the Pikes Peak Regional Airshow for the first time. I didn't realize how easy it was at an event like this to burn up memory. I completely filled three 32 gig cards and ran out of memory during the finale of the show....These cards will prevent that from happening to me again!!

If I won, I would use the cards to shoot a documentary about a guy who won awesome memory cards in a contest and used his cards to shoot a documentary about a guy who made a documentary of his winning the cards. I would then thank Patrick, Lee, Fstoppers and SanDisk in my Oscar acceptance speech.

More pictures and video of my family!

Peter Barta's picture

I am planning a trip back up to Minnesota to do a study on Loons. I am going to shoot a lot of 4K (Panasonic GH4), underwater, time-lapse and RAW video (5D Mark III) so those big cards would be perfect for that type of shoot.

John Cap's picture

Going to use those 64GB SD cards in my Blackmagic Pocket!

Joel Meaders's picture

I would flood instagram with hundreds of thousands of food pictures in the Willow filter.

There seem to be a lot of Colorado people here.

Well, weddings. I would shoot a lot of weddings with it... whats more important than a wedding day? ;)

I would shoot Aerial dance in my new Nikon 810!

Robert Unsworth's picture

My wife and I photograph wildlife, and focus on birds, but when we travel to Africa and the chase begins, with the Cheetah, Lion or Leopard in pursuit, our 10 frames per second shots eat up storage fast.

Shawn Robertson's picture

I would definitely take that 128 CF card and couple it with my D800e so that I could finally shoot more images for my pano shots with out hitting the buffer read/write limit of the card so soon.

Joseph Parker's picture

There isn't anything that I wouldn't shoot; video, portraits, ect. ,

keith uyeda's picture

it would allow me to stop changing my cards at my corporate media specialist job

Josh Crump's picture

I would use all this memory to go out on a clear night and shoot star trails while enjoying the outdoors.

By the way......"1) You must live in the United States of Canada"....Perhaps someday BUT not yet haha.

I'd use these to shoot some family photos and keep my wife happy!

I would get more pictures and videos of my grandsons.

Julien Kauffmann's picture

Would use that awesome storage to film RAW 4K footage with my canon 6D for my next videoclip and continue to shoot EDM festival.

I'd use the prize pack for shooting weddings, portraits, video clips, and community highlights.

Francisco Manzanares's picture

I have a D800 so I need lots of space for shooting landscapes

Kateryna Akhmadeeva's picture

With all that glorious SanDisk storage, I would photograph the Beautiful Toronto skyline & the amazing Graffiti we have in our city :)

Anonymous's picture

I am working on a "one man" video project for a friend and her only child. She has been thru some tragic events and she ask me to make a "footPrint" of her and son. I am doing this gratis for her/ I need space for this

With the season closing air shows coming up, these cards would allow me to not worry about running out of memory near the end of the shows when the "stars" (e.g., Blue Angels, Thunderbirds) show up!! And timelapses of the flight line would be awesome without needing to change memory cards.

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