EXPIRED: Win the new Profoto B1 500w/s TTL Flash!

EXPIRED: Win the new Profoto B1 500w/s TTL Flash!

THIS CONTEST HAS ENDED. Profoto and Fstoppers have teamed up to ring in the Holiday season by offering one of the hottest and most talked about Products of the year. The new Profoto B1 makes it easier than ever to use your flash off camera. TTL achieves your light in an instant. With battery-power/ without cords, the 500w/s B1 goes wherever you go. Combining performance and the legendary Profoto light shaping system the B1 makes great light easy. Are you ready to win?


To participate in this contest, click this link or the above image, like our Facebook pages, type your email address and click “Enter.” This giveaway allows friend referrals, so for each friend that participates in the giveaway, you gain FIVE bonus entries! And by the way, the number of referrals is unlimited!

So when does it end? This contest goes from now (December 1) until December 19 at 8 AM Pacific, so we have enough time to ship the product to you before Christmas. So on the 19th, stay close to your email so you don't miss out on the email we will send to the winner.

Though we would love to send you the product before Christmas, the winner will have until January 31 to claim their prize.

Restrictions for non-US participants:
Unfortunately non-US residents are not eligible to participate.

Other rules and restrictions:
You must be 18 years or older to enter. One entry per Facebook account allowed (outside of the bonus sharing entries described above). In order to enter to win, you must "like" Profoto USA on Facebook and provide an email address.


Good luck everyone! Once again, you can enter by clicking here.

For more information on the Profoto B1 and accessories please visit profoto.com.

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Fritz John Asuro's picture

Always USofA

I'm pretty sure that 70-80% of FS readers are not from the USA! But they (almost) never offered them something :P
You know it's like iOS and Android: 70-80% of the market is Android but Apps come either exclusive for iPhones/iPads or first to iOS :D looool

Fritz John Asuro's picture

Well I have iPhone :D

Mike Last's picture

According to FStoppers in 2013 - The USA accounts for 42.67% of their traffic. Second place is Canada at 7.82%. If you understand how worldwide distribution works for these companies, it's obvious why the distributor (Profoto US Inc.) doesn't offer the prize to the UK (Profoto Ltd.) - they're different companies.

If Paul Buffy talks smack about it, it must be a great thing.

Jacob delaRosa's picture

His comments were interesting to say the least. I think he dismisses this product because it doesn't fall in line with what he's making: powerful flash units at an affordable price. Profoto can charge what they want because, well, they're Profoto and people will pay for the branding. It's the same old story of mass vs. high-end production. Buff mentions that he had thought of this idea (as I'm sure a million other photographer's have as well) years ago and I suspect that aside from his stated reasons, he wagered that a product like this couldn't be made at a price point his customers would buy.

Andrew Chavis's picture

wait...what? I need to see these comments. Anyone have a link?

Jaron Schneider's picture

Yeah I want to see these too. I missed em!

I read his comments and was able to see his POV. Though these flash units offer a lot in the way convenience, they do seem to be begging a question regarding it's role in the studio where PCB's rock. That said, I want them.....desperately. Being able to QUICKLY TTL lighting then move to manual and modify as desired - yes please. Also, even more important is the announcement that they plan to offer high speed sync functionality in the first quarter of 2014 with a firmware upgrade. THESE WIN.

Damn you, I want a green card.

Sucks doesn't it?

Why is it that you always have to have a FB Account for these

Why do you have to be over 18?! some of us are under 18 and are professional photogtphers!

Legal age here in the US.

isn't 21???

Nope, you can enter legal binding contracts and considered a legal adult at 18. 21 is just to party hard at a bar.

No love for Canada...


crossing fingers

Nooooo, not 18 yet :(

I've been wanting one of these... just too far out of my price range. :(

Unfortunately non-US residents are not eligible to participate. That reeeaaally sucks.

Awesome, Done !!!!

when are you going worldwide? internet is worldwideweb... and your offer or promo are within USofA, you should have intranet within USA not internet

Erin B.'s picture

Al Gore is American.

Profoto has ditributors all over the world ! Still an "international website" limits the allowed participats like that. Sad ....

Jaron Schneider's picture

This contest is specifically sponsored by Profoto USA. They each have their own distribution channels and budget. Of course we are sorry for those who can't enter due to the restrictions, but unfortunately it's how it has to work :(

Dear Jaron,

Thanks for commenting. I know it's not "your fault". It's only somehow strange that e.g. all the German or French give-away-actions I see are always worldwide and here on FS the really cool ones are always restricted :-) One days there will be an international one, I am sure :-)



Would love to win like 4 or 5 of theses. But 1 would still be cool.