Final Chance: Fstoppers Is Giving Away Another D800 or 5DM3

Final Chance: Fstoppers Is Giving Away Another D800 or 5DM3

Last month we gave a Canon 5DM3 away in our Facebook Fan Contest. The contest was such a success we decided to do it again. Just like last month, to enter the contest you simply have to "like" 3 Facebook pages. If you get anyone else to sign up for the contest you will receive an additional 3 entries per person raising your chances of winning considerably. Check out the full post for all the details.

This time we are again teaming up with SLR Lounge but this time Kelly Moore is also a sponsor. Chances are, if you are a female photographer, you have probably seen Kelly's fantastic designer camera bags but Kelly also has some killer designs for guys as well.

The winner will get their choice of a Canon 5DM3 or a Nikon D800 AND Peter Hurley's The Art Behind The Headshot DVD, SLR Lounge's Lightroom 4 DVD Guide and Presets, and the Kelly Moore camera bag of your choice.

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This is awesome!! 

no FB page, then you're screwed

I entered. Hopefully I win one of these giveaways sooner or later.

:) also promoting your website and the Give Away on my website ( ) and it's social media sources but people keep asking me about the last day to attend and when the results will be published.. love u fstoppers ^^

Gimme Gimme Gimme!! =D Fstoppers rules! They offer people knowledge, that was only available at photography schools ten years ago. And now they also start offering high-end hardware... simply amazing!

Tam Nguyen's picture

When will we see the results?

fingers and toes are crossed... :)

*Crossing Fingers* XOXO

What day will end the contest?



Oooooh - PLEASE pick me? ;-) I Really need it.

It keeps telling me I have to "
You must Like Kelly Moore Bag" to enter, and I have liked the page, but it still won't enter me.  Help!?

I never win anything :( but I still keep trying :D

Already a fan of three!  Have my fingers and toes crossed in hopes of winning

So I can not find the end date for the competition. Does anyone know ? 

how about non USA citizens..there's a bunch out there

My 5D classic is getting a little worn out, I suppose the jump the MKIII would be nice

Hi, I don't see an end date on here for the competition. When is it that you will draw, and let us know who the winner is? Second, It is just the camera that you are giving away, right?

the 2nd of july 

Great Contest

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Great prizes.  The entry was a little confusing at first, but I think that's because I thought the entry form was an advert so I didn't read it... it was actually the easiest competition I've ever entered.

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when I hit the link it takes me to the last month contest. what should I do? and what should I like?

d80 just died, I've grown fond of the "d" and "8" combination.  D800 seems like a good transition.  you should pick me.

Great contest again!

Great timing, My shutter died on my old Nikon D200. Fingers crossed.

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Can I do it too? I'm from Brazil

You want me to like Handbags? Fuck off. I'll skip this.

Which three facebook pages are we supposed to like???

where are we meant to go to like the pages?? there is no link!

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