DEAD: All Cameras On Sale For 30 Percent Off At Staples!

DEAD: All Cameras On Sale For 30 Percent Off At Staples!

Some deals are just so good that you will drop everything you are doing (or planning) just to take advantage of some savings. Let me tell you how Lee and I both just bought Nikon D800 cameras for $2,200. Yesterday our friend Pye Jirsa published an article on SLR Lounge about how their local Staples did not honor a national coupon for 30% off all cameras purchased in store. After reading the article, Lee wondered how this coupon would hold up in our local market. Here is what we discovered :

Staples currently has a coupon expiring today, December 8, 2012 that advertises "30% off all clearance and regularly priced cameras." This particular coupon (there is a 20% one floating around too) clearly states that all cameras are eligible except Vivitar cameras. The deal also includes open boxes or displays. So no matter what camera you might be looking to purchase for the holidays or for your end of the year tax write off, there is a good chance Staples might have it....and have it at 30% off! Here is the coupon if you read this post today and want to try this:

If you are a professional photographer or just want to take advantage of the best deal possible, the most obvious camera to purchase would be the Nikon D800 (or a Canon equivalent). BH Video and Amazon both list the D800 for right at $3000. Pye Jirsa was successful in buying a D800 on his initial visit to Staples (you can read about that here) but quickly found out that the manager at his local store quickly put the brakes on the deal after Pye's studio decided to buy several cameras all at once. Side Note: Having worked once in retail myself, the reason the manager probably decided to decline the sale was because selling high priced cameras like the D800 without extended warranties can wreak havoc to store performance numbers, and unfortunately managers will often say anything to a customer if it can help their store's ratio of dollars spent verses warranty dollars sold. If this happens to you, perhaps you should just agree to buy the warranty and then returned the warranty at another store the next day. Either way, this deal first broke with Pye and for that I have to thank him.

Today Lee texted me and told me that he too had just bought a D800 for 30% off and that if I was considering buying another Nikon D600, then perhaps this deal would persuade me to have one of these 36 megapixel cameras in my arsenal. With that sort of fool proof reasoning, I jumped in the car and headed to Staples. When I showed the associates and managers the coupon, they happily ordered it right there in store through their kiosk. The team was pretty shocked to see a camera priced at $3,000 and even more shocked that this deal was good for a $900 discount. But after reading the coupon several times, and validating it was a real code, the store manager happily and easily adjusted my purchase to reflect today's amazing sale. The camera will be shipped to the store so I do have to pick it up there but that's a small price to pay for such a great deal.

Here is both my receipt and Lee's receipt to show that I'm not making this up. Again, as they say on many deal sites, your mileage may vary but the only reason I say that is because of Pye's experience yesterday at his local Staples. The coupon itself is written in a way that if Staples doesn't honor this then it would be false advertising but you never know.

If you aren't interested in the Nikon D800, it would definitely be worth browsing through to see what other cameras they offer (they did not offer the D600). This coupon does not work online so you have to order the camera through the physical brick and mortar store. Time is of the essence as this deal expires in a few hours on the East Coast (you West Coast people have a little more time). Please share your experiences below if you were able to get this deal yourself and let us know what camera you picked up for the holiday!

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no lenses?

They do sell a kit package but no, I didn't need to buy this with a lens.  

As a resident of Canada with no connections in the U.S, this deal depresses me.

I called a couple of local stores just to see if it was in stock.  Their response was that it is only offered online, which is actually what is also stated on the website.  No mentioning of ordering via the store front.

I was the one who found the coupon on the forum (

I also went with Tim (who was the person who bought the first D800 for SLR Lounge). The idea is that you go to the store, use their online kiosk to order the D800. Then, at the end, instead of paying it then and there online, you opt for the "pay at register" option. You bring both the printed copy and the coupon to the front.The coupon may or may not go through, but when we did it the first time, enough associates have seen the coupon before and because of that, the manager gave him the $900 discount.As Pye and Lee mentioned, your mileage may vary =)- JoeSLR Lounge Editor

My mileage varied. The store tried to help me, but they don't carry DSLRs in the south (We're a high risk area in Florida, Georgia and Alabama, per Staples) and they had no SKU to use for ordering it with that deal, using the typical "sale saver" method.  The sale was valid, but only for what was in stock. Down here, that's just the typical P&S cameras.

And don't call ahead. This is far more effective when you're in the store.

I just left my staples they would not sell to me. They said the coupon clearly states valid in staples stores ONLY. The Nikon D800 is an online only camera, they do not sell it in stores so it does not qualify. Looks like you guys got lucky, congrats!!

Hmmmm.....but you can order it in the store.  I know I did, it wasn't in stock in the store but they ordered it to the store and charged it at the register.  Maybe they weren't informed or my store did something wrong....or they just have been told by management that they shouldn't honor this coupon anymore.  

Yes that is true, I actually had the customer copy all printed from the guy at the register, he scanned the coupon and it didn't work so he called his manager over. At that point the manager told me what I wrote above. I guess some people may get lucky at a store where the manager overrides the error the coupon automates and continue with the sale, unfortunately for me I wasn't one of them.

If only I had a few thousand sitting in the bank :-

I do.  If only Staples near me would sell me this camera at this discount.

One funny thing about my sale today was the kid at the register looked at me at the very end and said "You realize you have to pay for this right now, are you going to be able to pay for this today?"

obviously an error, they updated the coupon..    10) Discount applies to clearance and demo cameras only. Display models included. Excludes Vivitar brand cameras. While supplies last. Each item purchased can only be discounted by one coupon, applied by cashier in order received and prior to tax. Coupon not valid if purchased or sold and must be surrendered. No cash/credit back. Not valid on prior purchases or purchases made with Staples® Procurement or Convenience Cards. Coupon 

Bummed... no 6D :(

Looks like you guys got lucky. It will be interesting to see how many got through. I guess it pays to scour the coupons with a few grand at the ready, then jump before anybody is the wiser. 

I called ahead because the closest store to me still open was 20 miles away. The manager told me that he received a communication from corporate that said that they cannot honor the coupon on kiosk orders. Bummer. I was headed out the door to get that D800 I've been drooling over. :(

ONLY in US?   Swedens also got this store but not this awesome offer...or?

I tried Staples in Philadelphia this morning.  No luck.  Store manager said that the coupon was only good for cameras they carry in stock.  They do not carry the D800 -- its a web only item.  The coupon was ambiguous -- enough so that some folks now own a new D800!

hey guys, i was paying when the manager came running out, he got an email from corporate saying they can only sell the bodies they have in stock at this price....but there is a 20 percent coupon you can use.

I fear our two highly public articles may have caused this quick response.  The coupon was valid the way they wrote it yet it seemed that they actually didn't want 30% off every camera.  Did they honor the 20% coupon?  I read that one online and it did mention in store only and not online so it seemed like the 20% was actually less valid than the 30%.  

Tried to snag the 5Dm2 for $600 off, but alas it was already discounted and not at the regular price.  Could have picked up a 7D for about $1,100, but already have some crop sensor bodies.  The sales guy at the store was all ready to honor the coupon, but of course he wanted me to get CF cards and such as well.

Worked! I came there 5 mins before closing. Run straight for the kiosk. Ordered. Rang up. Coupon cannot be applied. blah blah. The manager showed up and explained that the coupon is for online order only. The moment I said "never mind then" and looked disappointed, the manager replied "Let's try one more time" and he overrode the price. LITTERALY, I jumped when I get to my car and laughed hysterically on the way home. :D 

Was able to get the Nikon J1 with two lenses for $313.00  Got there five minutes to close and the manager was not a happy camper.  Thank you for hte heads up!

Nice!  Glad to see people using this for other cameras too.  Imagine if that manager had Pye in there trying to buy 5 D800 bodies....his head would have exploded!

Blair Bunting just commented on SLR Lounge. He bought 3 D800s!

- Joe SLR Lounge Editor

Typical Blair....I'll have to hear how in the world he pulled that one off

He bought all 3 with warranty. Made the store manager happy, I guess =)

DId not work in San Diego.  Associate was going to order it and ship it to me back in NJ (I'm out here on vaca with my D90).  Store manager said no way.  Coupon is for in-store items only and no Staples in San Diego county carries the D800 (on line only).  Bummer, but congrats to those who got one.

Wonderful. And I found this article at 10:30pm on the 8th.  Roll eyes.

I saw the deal at 7:20pm local and all the Staples were closed.  I walked by a nearby Staples store twice just 3 hours earlier!  Grr....

I tried this at the Staples in Brea, and the manager told me that they would only honor it for in-store cameras and not kiosk. Apparently they got wind of this before I got there.

i guess i missed the deal.

My local staples denied my ability to buy the D800 with this coupon.  Anyone else the victim of false advertising?  Sign me up for your class action!

Took me about an hour or so till I figured out the who situation, in the end I'm a happy owner of a second D800. Ill break down exactly what went through my head as soon as i was told about this post. 
I read the post and ran to staples across the street in Brooklyn sat night at 7pm. Ran to the counter and asked if they had any D800's and they said no we sold the only one we had. I was surprised, "staples has D800's laying around?!" So I pull out my phone and called a dozen to staples which said they don't have it. I ask the assistant manager why they had it and he said it was a return and some guy came yesterday (fri) and bought it for 1600 stacking 2 coupons!!! WTH! I couldn't believe they let someone walk out the door with it for so cheap, it clearly says on the 20% coupon that it can't be combined with any other offers. I went back and reread this post of fstoppers and decided to give the online instore thing a try. I ordered and hit pay cashier, the manager wasn't there and the ass manager said "I dont feel comfortable over riding for $900 off! I made him call the boss who said I should come back Sunday morning. Went in today and bugged him till he gave it to me but he only let me use one coupon. I just checked shipping and it seems like its being delayed which sucks! Hope they don't cancel it. Nikonrumors says there's a price drop on these, hope its not true.

I got in on this deal. I bought me a nifty 1.00 disposable camera for .70 cents!! HA! screw you corporate greed!!!! IN YOUR FACE!
( ok i might be blowing this out of proportions... a bit)

Did anyone get theirs yet?

Mine just shipped today.