How's It Hangin? Win JOBY Straps!

Do you wish your strap was more comfortable? Still using that uncomfortable strap that came with your camera? Well our friends at JOBY have launched a new camera strap line including the revolutionary UltraFit Sling Strap and the 3-Way Camera Strap. The comfortable UltraFit Sling Strap allows fast access to every shot and hands free-stability when on the move. For those that can’t decide between carrying as a wrist, neck or shoulder strap, the 3-way provides a compact, retractable solution made with Dyneema® cord, renowned as the world’s toughest fiber. Show us how you wear your camera and JOBY will provide you 4 straps for you and to gift to your photography friends for the holidays.

How to Enter:

This week from Monday December 10 through Friday December 14, you can enter to win four JOBY straps of your choice by submitting an image of you wearing your camera to our Forum. The most creative image (and that means that a regular 'ol iPhone selfie won't cut it) will win three JOBY straps to use or gift to others! If you're not keen on submitting through the forum, you can post your entry in the comments below. One entry per person.

4 Camera Straps (UltraFit Sling Strap M or F and 3 Way Camera Strap to choose from)
JOBY UltraFit Sling Strap M or F ARV: $49.95
JOBY 3-Way Camera Strap- $39.95

About JOBY UltraFit Sling Strap
Never miss a shot with the new UltraFit Sling Strap from JOBY that makes your photography comfortable, quick and more fun. The SpeedCinch system allows for easy extension and quick ability to cinch to your body for stability; you can also lock the strap in cinched position for added security. The comfort is all in the design; male and female straps with the UltraFit Layered Pad Technology and S-curve designed specifically for the female body. The strap easily and securely attaches to your DSLR or CSC camera with the LockSafe ¼-20ʺ Attachment™. See it in action.

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I'm not seeing any T&C anywhere. While I wouldn't expect a FS comp to be a rights grab, I would like to see if the comp is open to me in Australia. These type of things so often are not.

Gary Martin's picture

My Sunbounce strap is very comfortable and has a kevlar going through it for security, Maybe if there was kevlar going through this one it would be worth a a look.

Michael Osei's picture

My registration to the forum keeps getting rejected. Saying I don't meet the requirements. Too bad that there are no requirements given anywhere in the registration process. Also the facebook signup does not work. Cool... Why did I produce this photo If I can't even enter...

Jaron Schneider's picture

Sorry dude. We're working on that. You can submit images here if you like!

Michael Osei's picture

Ok, here we go. I'm not wearing my camera. I'm levitating it - or dropping. However you wanna see it. Therefore I desperately need that strap! :)

it'll be difficult to show how I wear my camera while shooting with it. Time to get creative!

Tanya Waller's picture

About 25% of the time I have the strap around my neck, and 75% i just have it twisted around my wrist... I'd love to try one of your straps! Hope I win!

Ryan Rivas's picture

My Zorki rangefinder is kept safe with a homemade strap - an old leather dog leash.  Naturally, the strap looks best on my girlfriend!

Felix Adler's picture

Okay, to be honest this may be a little exaggerated, but it's not a joke though, I actually use a shoestring as camerastrap. Eventhough i've worked my way around it, an actual one would come in handy!

Marques Haven's picture

@ Ryan Rivas... you win hands down!

we always stick together :D

Aaarrgh!  Pirate Strap!

Jaron Schneider's picture


I think I'll name him Canon!

Giannis Kritikos's picture

I hold it almost 99% at the wrist and I think Joby's strap at the wrist would be great.. 

'Shoot Anything And Anyone'

Jaron Schneider's picture

These are AWESOME guys. Really really creative. Way more than I was expecting!

Michael Osei's picture

:). So, when will the winners be announced?

I always wear my camera with the strap around my wrist. A couple loops around keeps it secure if I were to drop the camera, and it's a lot more comfortable than having it around my neck. I'm tall which means that the camera never sits at a convenient position if it's around my neck. I'd love to have a sling style strap to allow me to go hands free without putting the camera back in the bag.