May Photo Contest: Prizes From Photoflex and Black Rapid

Every month here at Fstoppers we run a photo contest that is judged by one of our readers. We'd like to congratulate Adam Sund for winning the April Fstoppers Forum Photo Contest. Click the previous link to see his winning photograph and watch for his banner at the top of the site to see more of Adam's work.

As we do every month, the winner of the contest gets to pick the next theme and Adam has chosen "Underneath". Just like Adam, this month's winner will also win a custom image and website link on the Fstoppers rotating banner above and also a large Photoflex 42" Multidisc Reflector which is great for location and studio uses. The winner will also receive a Black Rapid Sport Strap. As always, our contests are judged by the winner of the previous month's contest so you have to impress Adam not anyone on the Fstoppers Staff. Have fun submitting to the May Fstoppers Forum Contest and good luck to everyone!

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Underneath the mask.

Patrick Hall's picture

you must post the images on the forum....the last link in this post above.

I tried that but couldn't find where to upload, etc.

Patrick Hall's picture

when you log in there is a little photo icon at the top tool bar where you can paste the URL of your photo. You can also upload media too.

Daryl Marquardt's picture

My entry.
<a href="" title="CornFest by Daryl Marquardt, on Flickr" rel="nofollow"></a>

Patrick Hall's picture

Please post this on the forum thread. No entries submitted here will be reviewed or considered for the contest.

omg people lollolol

RUSS's picture

lol i'd post one or two in the forums but every time i hit the "REPLY BUTTON" to the post, it times out before anything loads....( Tried with; I.E8, I.E.9 and google chrome, same results...)

Patrick Hall's picture

were you logged in an hit "Reply" next to "reply with quote"? It should allow you to do a quick reply. Never had problems with the forum on IE8/9, chrome, or firefox

RUSS's picture

When in the forum, i am logged in and hit the button: reply to thread.
The same thing happened when i'd try posting to previous forum posts and also it lags and times out even when just trying to go to the forum. I have Cable internet so my connection is great. But this forum for some reason gives me problems. So after a bunch of tries including opening multiple windows and trying to get to the one thing, i gave up :)

Patrick Hall's picture

Hmmm, strange. I've never had this issue on my end and the forum is hosted on a remote server. I don't like using hte "reply to thread" button but rather just the "reply" button that activates the quick reply box.

What is your username and I can see if it's a permissions issue?