Essential Tips to Printing Amazing Photos

Photographer Adam Karnacz is a landscape photographer who loves seeing his work come to life on print. No really, listen to him! May we all be this passionate about something.

Here in this video he shares a lot of useful information on how to get the best out of your images based on his experience and work examples. He shows his workflow to getting photos printed off the Lightroom software where he details how he brightens the photos to compensate for the lack of a backlight on a printed photo as compared to what you might see on your monitor.

He also talks about the pros and cons of printing your photos at home versus sending them to a print lab to get them professionally done. Printing at home requires a good quality printer and paper which as is often the case can end up being quite costly. The upside of printing in the lab is that by comparison it can be cheaper than doing it at home. You'll also benefit from the fact that there is typically going to be a larger range of options you get to choose from when it comes what sort of material you want your photos printed on. Lots of upside but in parallel the downside is you have less control of the process and sometimes the results don't come back quite right.

He then moves on to color accuracy and how an ICC profile helps make sure your images have colors that match what you have on screen, which we all know can be quite tricky at times. Last but not least, he touches on the different kind of paper material available in the market. If you have not printed your work before, get started and let Karnacz inspire you to do so with his really passionate take on the whole thing.

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