Awesome Look Behind the Scenes at Toy, Miniature, and Diorama Photography

Have you ever seen an epic image of an action figure, toy series, or diorama scene? In this video you can take a look at some of the behind the scenes aspects that go into making those images possible.

Brought to you via Adam Savage's Tested, this piece features Johnny Wu a professional toy photographer taking epic images of kick-ass diorama scenes. By creating the scene from the ground up using life-like props at miniature scale, Wu is able to bring to life incredible scenes of some of your favorite toys and figures. Star Wars, Ninja Turtles, super heroes, and Popeye are just a few of the figures that you may have seen from Wu before and each shot is like a single frame from the action sequence of a movie.

When I hear diorama, I think back to elementary or middle school projects. These images are that very concept on steroids at the professional level. Seeing the setup on a tabletop and hearing about the different aspects that go into making one of these images is awesome. From the placement of props to the posing of the figure's clothes with wire, to the simulating of rain, snow, or sand is a trip. I can say for sure that nothing I ever did back in school was ever even a fraction as cool as this!

Have any of you folks ever shot a setup similar to this one? Whether it's figures or a still life of some other kind, the process is fascinating. The meticulous attention to detail is really what catches my eye. Like any photo shoot, each little detail contributes something greater to the final image. It's that idea but on a miniature scale that is really fun to watch happen.

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