November Contest: Win a Photoflex MultiDisc Kit

If you haven't participated in our monthly Fstoppers Forum Contest, well then you are really missing out. This month's theme is "Emotion" and from looking at the posts so far the contest is anyone's game. I know our readers have some good emotional images; let's see them! The winner of this month's contest is going to win a Photoflex Multidisc Kit which is really useful when you need extra fill or perhaps some shade from the sun. We use these all the time with video and it's nice having the reflector grip to firmly hold everything in place. You also get your image and website at the top of our site for a month. So head over to the Forum Contest Thread and post your best "Emotion" photo.

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Lee Morris's picture

FYI, Photoflex was running low on the Octobanks so they upgraded us to the Multidisc Kit.

Nice! It's going to be pretty hard to choose a winner, but I hope I win! :D