Only a Few More Days Left to Enter to Win a Lytro Camera

Only a Few More Days Left to Enter to Win a Lytro Camera

June is the month to win cameras here at Fstoppers. Not only are we giving away a Canon 5D MKIII or a Nikon D800, but until June 26, you can enter to win a Lytro! This tiny little camera got a lot of hype at the end of 2011, and for good reason. It basically redefined what a still image could be and introduced the new light field sensor unit of measurement, the megaray. So join Fstoppers and Camera Awesome as we give one away!




So what does it take to win? Just follow these simple steps:


1) On your iPhone, download Camera Awesome from the App Store.
2) Take a photo of a person. Any person. Doing anything* at all. It just needs to be a portrait.
3) Awesomize the photo! How you process, crop, or edit the image is up to you.
4) Share the photo on twitter (you can do this straight from the Camera Awesome App, or upload it from your desktop later), and make sure your caption says the following:

I want to win a #Lytro from @fstoppers! @awesomize your entry:

...followed by the link to your image (Twitter makes this automatically).


You can upload your entry to Twitter from Camera Awesome.


5) On June 27, we will post our 10 favorites. Vote for what you think is the best one, and the winner by the end of the day on the following Monday will win a Lytro camera!


If you haven't tried Camera Awesome, now is a great time to start. It's an excellent app that has a bucket load of great features that we love.

*Actions you or those in your photos take part in must be safe. Don't do anything stupid. You'll regret it! We don't condone or encourage dangerous or illicit behavior. We aren't responsible for your crazy antics! Nothing sexually explicit please. What does that mean? Use your good judgement. Contest is active from Tuesday June 12 through Tuesday June 26 11:59 PM EDT. You may enter as many photos as you like. Any entries received after the close date will not be eligible to win. Must be a resident of the United States and Canada to be eligible to win.

NOTE: You MUST have a public Twitter profile for this to work. If your profile is protected, we will not see your entry.

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Mick Dann's picture

USA and Canada only again :-(

*sad face*

There are indeed many photog's globally wanting to be able to enter in these kind of competitions. *sad face* from me too!

Robert Simpson's picture


Ingrid Spangler's picture

Aw what if I have an android? *sad face*

Jaron Schneider's picture

Hm. You can send the photo to a friend of yours who has an iPhone, process it there, and then send it in. Roundabout, but do able. 

Sorry... the app is only for iPhone :(

What if don't have an iPhone nor an Android? 

Robert Simpson's picture

Yuh, and don't forget you have to be a red-headed left-hander too... ;)

Blake Britton's picture

Lame. I would have expected something a little better from you guys, especially since Android phones are the majority of cell phones these days...

Jeanne Hogan Warnars's picture

 I agree Blake....after weighing out all options, the Android is an excellent system that happens to be affordable. For that, we are out? Shame, shame, shame.

Kyle Sheppard's picture

If the sponsor is Camera Awesome, wouldn't it make sense to limit it to those who can use the product they are pushing? Makes perfect sense to me.

Yea, nice, except my apple budged has been depleted.

Alice Lorenzini's picture

I don't have an Iphone... really a SAD and exclusive giveaway... :(

Erik Tande's picture

Contest available only to iphone owners.

Iphone, really.. How about us poor folks who dont have a smart phone, cause with all my electronic toys an iphone or smart phone seems redundant.

MLee Kneer's picture

iPhone only? sucks!

Elie Ifrah's picture

I am not from the
USA and Canada and I have an android....double unlike...:(

Melody's picture

 Not only can I not afford an I can't even enter into contests because I can't?

Pnut's picture

Pretty cool filters in the Camera Awesome app!  Thanks for letting us know about this!  Fingers crossed!! I've been fantasizing about the Lytro!

Jacqueline Maxman's picture

Just found fstoppers and disappointed already. Not everyone has married themselves to Apple...  Is there an option for android users? 

Patrick Hall's picture

the reason it's iPhone only is because an iphone app company is sponsoring it....we are giving away a D800 or 5D Mark III through facebook. 

Come on guys... why US and Canada only?..

Edd Mewborn's picture

Apple exclusivity irritates me.  While that might not have been the aim of this, it only help solidify my dislike. 

Which is a bummer, because I'd have really like a Lytro.

I'd really love an opportunity to enter to win a Lytro, however I do not have an iPhone. What a bummer that the only way to enter this contest is to have a specific device. Thanks for excluding a chunk of the population!!

US and Canada only....again.........and iPhone only.....again.

What about us overseas followers and those who don't want to follow the fruit?

Judson LeRoi's picture

It's sponsored by an iPhone app developer, what do you guys expect?  I'm just irritated that you have to have a Twitter account.  Oh well, guess I'll sign up.

Srinivas Rs's picture

Android Sad Face :(

Seshan's picture

So many freaking whiners, Fstoppers has lots of contests. So you might not be able to enter one, big freaking deal, it's not like you are losing anything or that Fstoppers is stealing something from you, You didn't have it to begin with. Stop acting like little children.

Chris Newman's picture

Too many hoops for me to jump through on this one. But for all of you complaining, you also realize that the Lytro only works with mac's right? Life is full of limitations.

I would love to have one of these but i don't have an iPhone. This is really a bad idea since many people have androids like myself and some still don't even have smartphones. This does not give everyone a proper chance to win since it should be for anyone who wants to win it, not just iPhone users.

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