PDN's 'The Look' Contest Is Now Open

PDN's 'The Look' Contest Is Now Open

Are you a fashion or beauty photographer looking to get your work out into the world? Well PDN (Photo District News) is at it again with their annual fashion and beauty contest. The Look is a contest, open to anyone, that aims to showcase the most talented fashion and beauty images from around the world. Entries are now open and running until June 8th, 2017.

The Look is open to any photographer 18 and over, and you may enter as many times as you like. With entries being open now, you have plenty of time to submit both past work (as long as you haven’t submitted it to The Look in a previous year), and any new work you may produce up until June 8th. To enter, follow this link. The fee is $35 for professionals, and $20 for students or debuts. There are a few categories that you can choose from: advertising, editorial/celebrity, still life/accessories, personal work/fine art, runway/street scenes, beauty, debut/student, and video/multimedia.

Of course there are also various prizes involved. The grand prize is $3,500, a $500 B&H credit, and a one page profile in PDN. There are then seven first place winners that will each receive a $100 B&H gift card, and a one year basic membership to Photo+. On top of that, every winner will have their work shown in the print/online winner’s gallery of the September 2017 issue of PDN. The judges have yet to be announced at the time of writing, but in past years they have all been photo industry leaders in the magazine and fashion world. From photo editors to directors, your work will be in front of some serious people.

Regardless of your position in the industry or your location, The Look offers some awesome opportunities for any photographer looking to push their work and get some exposure that matters. Even if you're just starting out or your work is debuting, as PDN calls it, I highly encourage everyone to enter. 

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