We Are Giving Away A 7D Or D300s As Soon As...

We will be giving a way a Canon 7D or D300s (whichever the winner wants) in a contest in the near future. What are we waiting for? We want at least 1000 twitter followers (we are at about 750 right now) before we start our contest. So if you have twitter you can help us hurry this along at www.twitter.com/fstoppers.

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oh yes, I will totally follow you guys :-)

Following you a "long" time guys! you rock! :D

D300S !

are we there yet!!

Great site guys, I love the photographer profiles..

849 so far....
i'm putting the word out to local groups :)

Done and following!

I´m 883th :)

I haven't twitter. Nothing for FB?


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The giveaway is not only for Twitter people. We are just using our Twitter followers as a reason to start up the contest. Anyone can win the camera!

Love your site. I'm a follower.

dude.. i'm in! i don't do twitter, but hopefully i can still enter.. what is the contest?

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Hah, Dave we will tell everyone what the contest is as soon as we reach 1000 twitter followers... 70 more to go!

mee wants D300s :)I hope I get one :)

Hmmm i could really use that 7D... Thank you guys for having all these contests!