New Canon Camera Body Rumors for 2013

New Canon Camera Body Rumors for 2013

2013 is shaping up to be a pretty interesting year with regards to Canon bodies, even after 2012 brought us some pretty great ones. Most sources seem pretty sure that Canon will release the 7D Mark II sometime the first half of 2013, but this image that has shown up on Canon Rumors and Northlight Images is the first real visual representation of the updated bodies, one being the 7D II and another looks to replace the 60D.

I love the 60D. It's small and pretty powerful for the price as it shares the same sensor found on the 7D. Now with the 7D II on the horizon, it's likely that the 60D will be replaced by the 70D which will share the new 7D's sensor and will maintain the really handy swivel screen. Sounds logical to me, as both the 7D and 60D sold well for Canon. That also probably means that the 60D and 7D will see a price slash in the coming months to make way for the new bodies, if indeed they are on the way.


Also visible is the EOS M2 (notice there isn't a visible viewfinder above like we've been hoping/hearing about) and the 1DXs, which would be the big megapixel camera we've heard tell about.

Keep in mind, this is all just rumors right now. The image above is a speculation piece from a Japanese magazine with their "predictions," and really we can't say for sure anything. But it's fun to try and guess, right? Though I'm not sure why they would call the EOS M the "M2" and not the "M II" since that's how Canon seems to number their upgraded hardware.

Rumor Roundup:
EOS 7D Mark II – New Sensor, 10fps, ISO 25600
EOS 70D – Same Sensor as 7D Mark II, 3 inch flip screen, ISO 25600
EOS M2 – New Mirrorless (with viewfinder?)
EOS 1DSx – That big megapixel camera we keep hearing about


[Via Canon Rumors via Northlight Images]

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Michael Salisbury's picture

Is anyone able to translate any of the text? Any specification information there?

Is that ISO 25600 supposed to be the highest native ISO or the dumb expanded ISO thing that they do?

Jens Marklund's picture

Uhm... Isn't this Impress magazine? Same as on Nikonrumors? It's their predictions! NOT some rumor/leak.

The last paragraph says "Keep in mind, this is all just rumors right now. The image above is a
speculation piece from a Japanese magazine with their “predictions,”

All it says is that canon will increase the price by 70% and 85% on the new models when they come to the market.

While you have mic input on all of Nikon's cameras, it't scarse on Canon's. Why?

And so another .5-1k upgrade, the same every year, always trying for more/better/faster/bigger this and that, when you could be shooting Fuji's 175MP FF sensor, called Velvia 50. Daft. I read this with amusement,and wonder how many beautiful photo shots must have been be missed while people scour the rumours for the next upgrade.