We're Giving One Winner $570 In Lowepro Bags

We're Giving One Winner $570 In Lowepro Bags

We were talking with our good friends over at Lowepro, and decided to sneak in one more contest before Christmas. We're giving away Pro Roller Lite 150 AW, Pro Messenger 160 AW and a Lens Exchange 200 AW to one Fstoppers reader who needs them dearly. That's $570 worth of gear! Basically, we wanted to have you covered in any situation you might come across in the world of photography. To win, you just have to show us how bad your bag situation really is.

I'm certain that there are thousands of you who just have the most abysmal bag situation. Toting your camera gear around in a high school backpack, rucksack or even a grocery store paper bag (I actually really hope that last one isn't true). That said, we want to help remedy the situation for one of you.

Show us just how bad your bag situation is in one picture. Submit your image by attaching it to the comments below (or linking to it to a hosting service of your choice; we recommend Photobucket or DropBox). Tomorrow afternoon (Friday December 21) we will pick a winner based on the person we think is in the most dire need.

Who can win? Anyone in the United States and Canada.
How do you win? Attach a photo of your bag situation in the comments below (You can also link to them in the comments if you're having trouble uploading an image).
How long do you have? Until the end of the day tomorrow, December 21.

The photo doesn't have to be your best shot, just one that gets your situation across. Good luck!

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No room for expansion.....

This was my favourite camera bag, until my wife turned it into a diaper bag... please help 

Domagoj Borscak's picture

It looks like a monster who is chewing diapers :))))))

Stephanie Dyar's picture

I have a decent Lowepro bookbag/camera bag that I've had for a few years, but i have severely overgrown it!  I now have been able to upgrade to 2 bodies, 5 lenses and a small flash.  I get this thing packed till the seams are about to bust, not to mention it's a bookbag so it KILLS my back to lug it around.  I love it, but it's time for an upgrade  :)
Thanks guys!

Marco Rabadan's picture

but the world is ending tonight. I DONT GET IT...AHHHHHHHH

I did not "stuff" anything into this bag that is not normally in there at least 90 percent of the time! Let's be real here folks, this is a pretty big bag and it is still pretty full.... Not to mention my 17" laptop that is not pictured in the bottom slip pocket. There 5 lenses jam packed in here, two bodies, a 580 flash, wireless triggers/recievers, too many ND filters, wired shutter release, battery chargers... Of course all the random stuff that I have "just in case"... It is not exactly a treat to travel with this bag literally stuffed to the brim. Not to mention a little bit more equipment on the way (hopefully)! I need some space! I need some organization! I would love me some of that Lowepro gear... Pretty please? I think I might actually be on the nice list this year... Huge thank you for such a wicked contest!

Lowepro is awwesome

My bag is overflowing.  I have a Lowepro SlingShot 200 AW.  I have a gripped 5D Mark II, a 24-105L, a 70-200 2.8L IS, an 85mm, a 580EX II speedlight, an achy back, and an achy shoulder area. 


 Oops.  my link didn't attach in previous comment. 

here it is:


case logic, no room for my canon t1i ... 

The Dark Room Co.'s picture

I'm the perfect candidate for this because a 15" laptop, TWO bodies, lenses, a flash and other miscellaneous photo accessories simply cannot fit into this tiny space.

Trent Sizemore's picture

Really squeezing in the 7D, three lenses, ND filters, charger, card reader, more filters..laptop, charger. I can't take this hiking! 

TheComputerGuy's picture

now that is a challenge for a person with no bag at all hahaha!!! I dont own a bag, usually my jacket pocket hold my kit lens, my wide angle and my 35mm 1.8 and if I rent a lens, they come with a pouch :D 

Ian Ludwig's picture

 grocery bag + photo + upload = done :)

I'm a college student media photographer and I always need help to get the equipment onto the field. Quite a struggle getting through all of the checking in and out for each individual. Rather get my equipment in one or two bags so I can get through myself :) Life of a photojournalist, wouldn't have it any other way! https://www.dropbox.com/s/sj1jvwsajjcc02a/DSC_0418photo.jpg 

Have a Vertex 200 AW but my back ain't what it used to be lol and since i tend to overpack it the "Pro Roller Lite 150 AW" would be a nice change.

JAM ONE's picture

You can't tell me you've seen worse then this. A padded insert jungle of insanity, stuffed into your sisters old grammar school slipknot backpack. Clearly the insert is NOT an ideal fit, thus the ridiculous shape and abuse it has gone through. As always it's not what you have, but what you make use with it. This setup has brought me around the country and shot some great stuff I'm proud of :) feel free to peek here: http://www.JAM1PHOTO.com or http://www.facebook.com/JAM1PHOTO 

Shawn Litvack Photo's picture

My go-to bag stuffed...

I could definitely use some real camera bags to tote my precious gear around in. I swap between different purses depending on what gear I'm bringing along, which usually results in a purse that looks like its about to explode (real professional!), or, more unfortunately, a purse strap that snaps under the weight of camera gear. Plus, it'd be nice to carry more than 1/3 of my gear around at any given time!

Only have Lowepro Adventura 160 . .. . .Neeeed moore spaace!

Ernesto Araiza's picture

Actually I don't have one, this is from my time as a student... for all accesories, the camera body and 4 lenses this isn't a good bag :(

Tim D's picture

Bag packed full, camera, 2 lenses, audio, led light, gopro. 
(I missed the Lowepro logo though)
* bonus picture - same trip - camera storage job #1, counter weight job #2.

I need the bags to protect my new Canon T4i, when I go to the 2013 National Scout Jamboree because i don't have enough money;after paying for the camera and the Jamboree.


Please help! I have multiple small bags with very little protection for my gear. Bag on right is actually meant for tactical gear lol. I also usually get together another random bag to hold lighting equipment. It is chaotic in those bags and a pain to take when I travel! 

Dennis Larsen's picture

So as you can see i am a bit out of storage, i have a little lowepro bag but its only my triggers etc that fits in that. As you see on the picture i am carrying around this cardboard box, my studie strobes and my stands in another bag so i think you could say that i need space, but unfortunately, i live in Denmark :'(

I have a tiny Lowepro ( Edit 130? ) bag that I can squeeze my 70-200 in or one camera and a flash.  I really need a bag that can carry all my gear. It is a real pain to change glass on a shoot.

Jake Durrett's picture

I'm embarrassed to go on shoots with this bag sometimes....


Fetching image ...

I have had my camera for 3 years now. The case it came with was stolen from my car..luckily I had my camera on me, so the thief took an empty bag with only lens cloths and charger. I have been struggling so much with school and work and at first began to use a paper bag and plastic bag...  but later onI upgraded to a actual carrier bag and every now and them those TJ maxx $1 bags.  Unfortunately my little chihuahua is not very happy with the idea that I have taken over her carrier.  You cannot imagine the comments people make when they see my bags. . I DESPERATELY need proper bags to carry my equipment and Coco wants her carrier bag back. 

I'm a post-doc who has been out of work for over a year, but I've been trying to continue learning more about photography in the meantime to make a bad situation better. Unfortunately, grad school and post-doc-ism isn't very friendly on the wallet, & so I really don't have any proper camera-slingin' equipment.

The purse is broken due to the weight of the D300s that I have to cram in there (I know you all cringed at that). I've sewn it back as much as I can, and even gone so far as to knot carabiners onto it, though it is broken again. The D90 fits in the proper but tiny camera bag, but then what of the flash and my 28-300mm lens? Well, one usually goes on top of the D300s in the purse and the other either doesn't get taken (not fun) or has to hang around in a pocket or other precarious place. The Manfrotto is also crazy heavy, but most stable out of the 3 tripods I have. Small stuff usually have to be tossed in a ziploc. Not even going to go into how to bring a laptop or any backup drives to the field with me, you don't want to know. Please make this Christmas a merry one for this girl... I traveled a LOT for my research (Greenland, Antarctica, Iceland) and need something decent to bring on flights and also to protect my gear while drilling ice cores (not joking, it's what I did)!!

Anthony Perlas's picture

This orange backpack was what I used for this time lapse trip at Black Mountain Henderson.

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