Win a FREE Tamron Prime Lens of Your Choosing - Either the New 35mm or 45mm f1.8 [UPDATED

Win a FREE Tamron Prime Lens of Your Choosing - Either the New 35mm or 45mm f1.8 [UPDATED

[UPDATE: The contest has closed and a winner has been randomly selected. Congratulations to Patricia Schwenk for being selected as the winner of a new Tamron lens!]

Fstoppers wants to thank our readers during this holiday season and is partnering up with Tamron for a giveaway! All entrants in the contest will be eligible to win their choice of Tamron's new 35mm or 45mm prime lens which were just released this year. The lens will also come with your choice of a Canon or Nikon mount. The winner will be selected randomly from the entries we receive. There are many options to increase your chances of being selected so check them out below!

The Lenses

The Tamron prime 35mm and 45mm lenses are some of the first of their kind. Not only do they boast the ability to stop down to a beautiful f1.8, they also have built in vibration reduction, making them excellent lenses for video as well as stills. The value of the lenses comes to you at $599, a perfect holiday present! If you haven't seen the quality of these new lenses, check out their capabilities. 

Tamron Lens Giveaway
Tamron Lens Giveaway

Tamron Lens Giveaway

Tamron Lens Giveaway

The Contest

All participants in the giveaway can earn "entries" by participating in various activities. Certain actions will give you more entries than others so pay close attention to how many entries each activity is worth and often you can do them them! Here's a full list of what you can do:

- Check out the Fstoppers and Tamron's Facebook Page and feel free to "like" us.

- Follow Tamron and Fstoppers on Instagram.

- Subscribe to the Fstoppers Youtube Channel.

- Subscribe to the Fstoppers RSS Feed.

- Follow Fstoppers on Twitter.

- Tweet out the contest (daily entry).

- Watch some of our latest you tube videos.

- Refer friends.

- Comment on this blog post.

Entries will be accepted through December 21st, 2015. The winner will get a fabulous present and will be announced by Christmas day! 


Earn Your Entries 


To earn your entries, click on your options below! Good luck and Happy Holidays!

Tamron Prime 35mm OR 45mm Lens Giveaway on Fstoppers


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Jeffery Murphy's picture

Thanks for the giveaway, Fstoppers you rock!

Love the giveaways. This lens looks really interesting. is there any existing comparison to Canon primes in the same price range?

Paulo Macedo's picture

I wish i could put my hands on the 35mm...just to complete my wedding pack! :D

Love this!

Thanks for the contest!

Jonah Jahns's picture

Would love to try that 45!

Matt Owen's picture

Thanks, a fast 35 is the next thing on my list!

Kevin Daniels's picture

pretty sweet

Joacim Schwartz's picture

Would love a 35mm

Jonathan Pendleton's picture

The new Tamron lenses look sweet! Glad y'all are hitting the prime game! I'm a big proponent of primes. If I get my hands on one I will never be the same.

Cool giveaway!

norman pozuelos's picture

Great lenses :)

That 45mm! I need that. :D

Luke Janssen's picture

cool beans!

A I's picture

Great contest!
Here's my link:

Good luck, everybody!

Thanks for having the giveaway!

These get entries contests are a pain but who doesn't like free stuff.

Deleted Account's picture

This is a great opportunity, Thanks for chance to win!

Tony Coelho's picture

Awesome. I want. I want. But I refuse to get a twitter account :(

This is awesome! Love watching critique the community.

Jim Hofman's picture

Me - Me - Pick Me

Awesome giveaway, a wide angle prime is just what I need

That would make a wonderful christmas gift!

Here is my entry:

Charles Gaudreault's picture

Nice giveaway, would be nice to add a third lens to my kit :P

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