[Winner Announced] Giveaway: Win a FUJIFILM X100F Digital Camera Worth $1,299

[Winner Announced] Giveaway: Win a FUJIFILM X100F Digital Camera Worth $1,299

For the last few weeks, Fujifilm teamed up with Fstoppers to offer a brand new FUJIFILM X100F Digital Camera to one lucky entrant. The contest has ended and Zeke Moore was randomly selected to win the camera, congratulations! We'll be in touch with you via email. 

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Fstoppers and Fujifilm are teaming up to send one lucky entrant a brand new FUJIFILM X100F Digital Camera. Learn more about the camera HERE and participate in the giveaway below.

Unfortunately, due to shipping restrictions you MUST be able to provide a US shipping address if you're chosen as the winner in order to claim the prize. Entries will be accepted until October 7, 2019 at 11:59 PM EST. The winner will be chosen and contacted within 7 days of the giveaway completion. 

There are six different ways to enter the giveaway. Some options are worth more entries than others but participating in all of them will give you the highest chance to win. Good luck to all of you! 

Fujifilm X100F Camera Giveaway

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David Strauss is a wedding photographer based in Charleston, SC.

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If Fuji was really interested in (all) its consumers, it would not restrict shipping destinations. They do sell worldwide

I think.

Fujifilm is not the one sending the camera, Fstoppers is.
They probably just don't want to pay the extra legal fees for a worldwide giveaway.

I guess. A short site on the part of Fuji who could be doing it themselves and therefore including others. Oh well.

There are different distributors in different countries so it depends on who is giving it away. Plus there are some complicated laws and regulations pertaining to giveaways in some regions (ie Quebec) that forces companies to limit the geographic area.

This absolutely sucks , are you pack of wild animals telling me I can enter this competition because I live in the UK and you miserable mongrels won't pay the post and package ?? I can't fathom how low and sneaky this is to us guys over here , you will have no problems shipping your stinking chlorinated GM monster chickens over here when Brexit is done eh and you will do that for free , tell Trump he can fuck off he's not getting the NHS and I'm gonna get Boris Johnson to flip you guys the Bird and cancel all American entry into the UK

That made me laugh 😂

What about people north of the border???

I wonder how many F stoppers accounts are outside the USA. How is this fair that we cant enter.

"Unfortunately, due to shipping restrictions you MUST be able to provide a US shipping address"

Guys, I'm sure you can sort this out to make it international. I'm positive. I'm sure. Can We Send It Yes We Can.

Cheers mates.

Narrowing down the field. I like this give away. God Bless America.


Used this camera for a quick shoot in Nova Scotia .. It seems to be a fine travel camera and would value it.

Congratulations, great camera so use it, don’t sell:) I won an XT2 and keeping it was the best decision I’ve made.

Who the hell knows if this is a real person. Who the hell ever checks who these "winners" are to see its legot. Yes its legit because they posted a name and fstoppers said they send it :/

I entered a competition and won and XT2 and 18-55 lens, that was about 18 months ago, I’m still using the prize now, not with Fstoppers but was an online competition. No reason to believe it’s fake.

Stew, believe what you like. On the internet, I believe no one

Im just telling you my own personal experience where i entered a comp and got a prize.

Dont be offended. I believe no one on the internet. I could also make another account easily and say what I want. Understand that side as well