You Have 30 Days Left To Win A Free Camera

In case you haven't heard, Fstoppers is currently giving away a 7D or D300s to the creator of the best BTS video. You can get more info on our contest at This post is just a friendly reminder that you now have 30 days left to submit your video. So far we have had about 5 submissions, and nothing yet has been mind blowing. At this point anyone could easily win this thing.

free camera
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Don't you worry... I got something in the works....should be a fun a video too.

lol *lazy people not eligible.

Anybody have a shoot they need...shot?

Me too. I made a BTS vid but forgot to mention Fstoppers. lol. And messed up. But I get a second change this weekend. And its gonna be even better. Yes!

I really want to win this camera not because my equipment isn't good enough because i know there is endless possibility with just the simplest camera, but have this camera would give me a lot more motivation to try more new things and I'm not lazy in the least bit i workout a lot and i want to one day be fit enough to model and i hope i win to start a domino effect and help a photographic switch be switch on in my life thanks again guys and thanks for taking the time to read my message.... PS spell check does a good job making sure i don't spell stuff wrong and sound stupid thanks guys..

I got a camera for my birthday a few weeks ago using money i have saved for for about 2 years, and only this week i went on a once in a life time skiing holiday and for my new years resolution i said i would take lots of picture so that is exactly what i did.
i am only 14 but want to remember all the good times i have had.
But when i got home from holiday my mum acsidentaly put it through the wash. i am not sure if i will ever get the pictures back but one thing is for sure i wont get the camera back. :(