Buy The Canon $400 Pro-100 Printer For $50 Right Now

Buy The Canon $400 Pro-100 Printer For $50 Right Now

The incredible deal that we discovered a few months ago is back for a very limited time. Right now you can get the Canon Pro-100 printer and 50 sheets of 13x19 photo paper for just $50 after rebate. 

How to take advantage of this deal

1. Visit BH and add the Pro-100 to your cart ($399.99)

2. Log in to BH

3. Click "view cart" 

4. Use code "PRINTPRO100" to lower the price of the printer and paper $100 (this didn't work for me in Chrome but did work in Internet Explorer)

5. Fill out this rebate info here

6. In a few weeks you will receive a $250 Amex gift card. 

7. Enjoy your printer or sell it for profit on Craigslist

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I bought one on the last go around. The best $50 I spent on photography related gear ever!

Hunter Zieske's picture

Did you get your check? I'm still waiting on mine...


I got that deal last time and the $$ card arrived few weeks later, sweet deal.

I got my Amex. card in about 4 weeks.


Just ordered it. Although the gift card value is only $200 not $250. Worked using Firefox browser but not Opera.

Is this only for USA ?

The paper doesn't show up..just the printer. Is there a way to get both?

Gabe Border's picture

I did this a few months back. Worked brilliantly, I printed off full bleed sexy prints of architecture and dropped them off at architect firms around town. 13x19" semi-gloss prints make a big statement when you walk in the door. Everyone that sees the prints as booked a job. $50 and some driving around time=really effective marketing.

Carl Wagner's picture

I got mine last go round. But this time they appear to be out of stock. Victim of their own success I guess.
And the cash card came really fast.

B&H is being a bit sneaky - you need to edit the headline. The actual rebate form (not B&H's link) says $200, not $250, so the net price is $100.

Anonymous's picture

What if I am in Canada?

Josh Rottman's picture

I bought one last time and got my rebate pretty quickly.

I tried buying this yesterday, whenever I tried to apply the coupon code I only got the never-ending spinning wheel. This happened in three different browsers between two computers. Tried again today and same thing so I called and B&H told me (after first putting me on hold) that the coupon code 'from Canon' was only valid for so many. The guy was not very friendly either, I'm very disappointed. How can you offer a rebate and take it away the same day?? No info on B&H site to let you know that either so I wasted about an hour in all trying to get it to work.

Ali Pearson's picture

thanks Lee, its only for you lucky people in the states, cannot get it to work here in UK and postage alone is $243.40. I do wish when companies done special deals that it would be worldwide:(

Alexandre Herve's picture

So... I am a little confused...
Does the package of bh allow to the 200$ amex card or the 250$ ? Should i buy paper with it to get the 250$ card ?

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The PIXMA Pro printers are great. The only (minor) downside to the PRO-100 is that it uses dye inks instead of pigment like its big brothers the PRO-10 and PRO-1.

Thanks for the heads up! Just snagged one of these.

FYI, they are currently backordered, but they do allow you to place an order.

I was able to get this deal but the printer has a problem right out of the box, and doesn't work. Canon tells me my options are to take it to a Canon authorized service center (60 miles round trip) or else I can get one through their warranty program but it may be refurbished. And no, there is no way to check stock to see if they have a new one they can send. WHAT?! They will not just replace it with a new printer even though the one I received was defective. Been a loyal Canon customer for 30 years, I am very upset. Already inconvenienced with an hour of troubleshooting over the weekend. And I have no printer in the interim.

That sucks, can't you exchange it with BH?

Josh Rottman's picture

Ok everyone, I bought mine when this came out and the pictures look beautiful. I connected it via wireless network during the initial setup though so now it prints at a snail's pace. Even when I plug it in now it prefers the wireless network. Anyone know how to change this?

can't help ya there

For some reason at checkout there is no place to apply a promo code. Am i missing it or is there not a place to apply a code?