Buy the DJI Phantom 4 Today and Save $350

Buy the DJI Phantom 4 Today and Save $350

The Phantom 4 is currently the best value in drones today. If you want to get into flying drones for a reasonable price without buying a cheap toy, this is what you have been waiting for. For the next nine hours the Phantom 4 is only $849

I'm not going to get into every detail about the Phantom 4 but I will say that I think this is a fantastic drone to learn on and to use professionally. It's super easy to fly, it has incredible features like obstacle avoidance and automatic return home that make it safer to fly than older models. Even though this isn't the top of the line model, the built-in 4K video camera is going to capture incredible footage. Even if you really get into flying drones, you may find that you don't have any real reason to upgrade.

The only reason to pay a little bit more in my opinion would be to go for the slightly more expensive Mavic. Just keep in mind the Mavic will be more convenient to travel with because of its size but the footage will not be as good and it will not fly as well in high winds. Either drone would be a great choice and of course the ultimate Christmas gift.

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Kang Lee's picture

The deal is actually valid until December 31st for most authorized DJI dealer around the world.

Edit: Nvm, it is lower at BNH

Jimmy Schaefer's picture

there is never a reason to spend more then $700.00 on a drone ever... they make new ones so fast prices drop like crazy... I still see way beautiful footage from Phantom 3 Pro and thats around 650.00 USD now.

What I would like to request is for fstoppers to take all drones in DJI line up and do a camera only comparison using depth of field charts low light test.... dont even fly the thing they all fly the same.... yes some have a few added bells and whistles no one cares about..... its all about picture quality only cameras cameras cameras.....

Lee Morris's picture

This is actually a great point. The phantom 3 is still a really good option if you don't care about obstacle avoidance.

Shyama Prasad Mishra's picture

Lee, May I ask why you think Mavic footage is not on par with P4?
Is it based on your personal experience?

Most comparisons i have seen on web, suggest Mavic footage is PRO quality.

Michael Murphy's picture

I have owned two drones by phantom and both of them crashed in the woods near my house. The first one was found and returned to me. The drone was junk but my gopro survived. I contacted phantom and explained what happened and requested a new drone only. After many phone calls which I waited on hold for 45 minutes each time I called to speak to someone I got a new drone and controller. I think drones are great but I will never deal with phantom again. I would recommend a gopro. By the way I am still looking for the second one.