Get Pocket Wizard Products Up to Half Off Today and Tomorrow

Pocket Wizard Sale

For a very short time, you've got a chance to get some of the best off camera flash products on the market at a hugely discounted rate. Get almost 50% off FlexTT5 Transceivers and MiniTT1 Raadio Slave Transmitters, for both Nikon and Canon. A wide variety of other PocketWizard products are also discounted until tomorrow May, 12th. 

PocketWizards are one of the most reliable radio triggers for off camera flash use on the market. They give you the option to set up flashes in multiple locations and control regulate when each one fires with your camera. They are always backwards compatible and communicate with each other regardless of model. The discounted prices only last until tomorrow. See the full list of what's on sale HERE.

pocket wizard mini

PocketWizard MiniTT1 Radio Slave - $152.10

flex TT5

PocketWizard FlexTT5 Transceiver Radio Slave - $167.40

Pocket Wizard III

PocketWizard Plus III Transceiver - $121.50


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Kyle Ford's picture

That 5 pack is really a great grab right now.

am I missing something? All I see is slightly less than 25% off for singles and 30% off for the 5 pack.

David Strauss's picture

Only some of the items are close to 50% off, specifically the Mini and the Flex

The mini and the flex are less than 25% off so far as I can see.

Scott Mosley's picture

yep, not seeing anything that is 50% off, but still a great deal. PW stuff rarely goes on sale.

Not seeing the big savings. What a waste of time.

Meh...pocketwizard's time has passed....there are too many other triggers on the market that are significantly cheaper, better integrated, better features, and just as reliable (in some cases, MORE SO....i have a friend with PW Flex's, that NEVER work right....yet my yongnuo 622's work every time...)....i also use Phottix Strattos which are a dumb, non TTL trigger, with 4 groups, 4 channels, and they work sync cords needed either, as the receivers have hot shoes built in....

Spy Black's picture

Yep, feel that way about my Yongnuo RF605s, and I can remotely focus and trigger my cameras to boot.