Hasselblad Slashing Prices on H5D and Lenses through December 24th

Hasselblad Slashing Prices on H5D and Lenses through December 24th

From now until December 24th, Hasselblad is offering 40 percent off of their H5D series of cameras and lens bundles. They are also offering 20 percent off of lenses when bought with H5D, H5X, and Certified Pre-Owned bodies. If you've been waiting for the right time to purchase a Hasselblad, this may be it.

Bodies and Bundles


Certified Pre-Owned

[via Photo Rumors]

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Sales like this make me wonder how much the price is marked up to start with. No business is going to take huge losses on their product.

Maybe they're trying to get rid of inventory in preparation for a new model?

These are certified pre-owned. They are part of the buy back program or a lease return. If you are lucky you might get a demo unit.

Looks like these guys might be hurting. Doesn't the 40 have the same sensor in the Mamiya? Are there any real advantages in using it in a body like the Hassey?


i still have to sell most of my gear to afford one.

Still way too expensive for being just a rebranded Fuji!!! C'mon now...

Do they have an option to trade in your old vehicle? Beautiful cameras.

Having had problems with Hasselblads I wouldn't buy one in the future. I've sent a digital back off to Sweden for repair for the second time in two years only to get it back with the link board loose inside the back. Following a repair to the pins on an extension tube it was returned with the locking mechanism not working. After returning the tube to them they want to charge a further €170 to fix a problem that they caused. Serious quality control problems coupled with terrible after sales service means I'll change to a different camera brand next time I upgrade.

Awesome. This sale means I only have to sell all my current gear and only one of my kidneys.

anything similar from nikon or canon ?