Huge Canon 6D Mark II and 5D Mark IV Savings at B&H

Huge Canon 6D Mark II and 5D Mark IV Savings at B&H

B&H has discounted two of Canon’s latest and greatest DSLRs with less than a week left before Christmas. With same-day shipping, this could be a perfect last-minute gift.

Usually, B&H would sell the 6D Mark II for $2,208. For the holidays, they’ve added a discount to bring it down to $1,699. That 23-percent discount would also come with a voucher worth 2-percent (or $33) of the order.

Right now if you throw in extra goodies, the 6D Mark II is going for just $1,349. That’s after using a $350 mail-in rebate. Included in the deal are a Canon printer, 50 sheets of glossy photo paper, a battery grip, a 64GB SD Card, and a spare battery. That’s a 38-percent discount with the additional accessories added on top.

Similarly, the 5D Mark IV with the same accessories can be had for $2,849. Again, this is after a $350 rebate. In total, that’s nearly a thousand dollars cheaper than the camera body on its own. So even if you won’t use the Canon Pixma Pro-100 printer, it’s best you go for this deal anyway if the 5D Mark IV is something you've been eyeing.

The deal ends on the December 31, so you won’t need to hurry and buy before Christmas to cash in on the great prices. However, both of these cameras are eligible for free next-day shipping. With less than a week before Christmas, there’s still time for Saint Nick to deliver — even if it’s a gift for yourself!

Edit: B&H is no longer running this deal. The 6D Mark II with this bundle is now running for $1,749, and the 5D Mark IV is set at $3,249 (both after rebate). I hope some folks were able to pick it up while it lasted!

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Matthew Paulson's picture

Back to $3,249 after rebate at the moment for the 5D Mark IV

David Morales's picture

I'm curious how you are getting those prices. I clicked on both links and prices don't reflect those in the article.

Matthew Paulson's picture

The prices were correct a few hours ago. When I checked back they had jumped back up to current prices.

Neysha Tirado's picture

Yeah this is sad. I had it on my cart and when I came back to buy it was gone :-(