Photo and Video Gear Deals Now Live on B&H

Photo and Video Gear Deals Now Live on B&H

Cameras, lenses, computers, gimbals, lighting — you name it, B&H has got a deal for it during their special WPPI sale. You don’t want to miss this.

One of the top photography expos one can attend, WPPI, is officially upon us in Las Vegas. To get involved with the photo industry buzz, B&H itself is throwing quite a party of deals across all forms of gear. This is perfect timing to upgrade your kit for the new year.

Featured specials include savings of up to $3,500 on cameras, up to $1,000 off lenses and computers, and up to $3,300 off video equipment. Aside from these big ticket items, even the everyday essential accessories have special savings. You can now save up to $75 on memory cards, up to $230 on tripods, $270 savings on camera bags, and getting really down to the nitty gritty, savings up to 20 percent off battery grips and remotes. If I didn’t mention it, there’s probably still a deal for it.

Check out all the special savings here on B&H Photo.

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Stas F's picture

How am I supposed to save for retirement? 🙄

Stas F's picture

Check this out
38% off this amazing 1-star CD player.
If Lee Morris needs this in Fstoppers headquarters I'm ready to support you guys

Stas F's picture

That's why Patrick gave it 1 star

Stas F's picture

You didn't like that last Justin Bieber CD? 😆😁

Oleh Brevus's picture

Is it possible to ship from B&H to Portugal ? or it will be way too big delivery costs ?

Spy Black's picture

Probably all the returned Holiday items repackaged and discounted. Adorama and B&H are historically notorious for reselling returned items as new, with a discount.

Anonymous's picture

This, and B&H's supposed sketchy labor practices, should make people second guess their purchases.

Steven Roussey's picture

Deals? What’s the deal? Sony 16-35 GM for example is exactly zero percent off. Same with 24-70 G.

amanda daniels's picture

I have been saving and waiting to purchase the 5d Mark iii. I have been keeping an eye on the price for months now, I just purchased it on B&H for $1,999. I have never purchased from B&H before but I have heard good reviews. I received the camera in 1 day, no shipping and it is brand new, nothing wrong with it. Couldn't be happier.