On Sale Today Only: Get Unlimited Cloud Drive Storage for Your Raw Files

On Sale Today Only: Get Unlimited Cloud Drive Storage for Your Raw Files

Image backup is one of the things that all photographers have to worry about. In the past, we mostly had to deal with stacks of hard drives and needing to move those hard drives off-site. Cloud storage is a newer option that has great potential, but the cost to store massive amount of images just wasn't feasible. Now you can get unlimited cloud storage for your raw files, and lucky for you, it's on sale today only.

Amazon Prime is a great little service with movie streaming, original TV series, faster shipping, and unlimited cloud storage for images (including raw). After my recent article on image backup workflow, there seemed to be some confusion as to whether professionals could use this unlimited image backup. I have spoken with Amazon Cloud customer service and have verified first hand that, as a professional photographer, you can use their cloud drive to store your raw files. As long as you are only using the service to archive and backup files, you will never hear a peep from Amazon. With that in mind, today only, you can get a year of Amazon Prime for $67 instead of the normal $99. So, hurry up and sign up to get unlimited raw backup, plus all the other cool features that come with it.

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what happens when one of the kardashians breaks the internet again ?

Then you will still have your physical hard drives.

wondering if i can pay for my next years renewal this way...

It's very worth noting that this does NOT apply to renewal, and they won't honor it if you go through with the "gift" loophole.