Ultimate Guide to Posing: Free Lesson Excerpt from Joey Wright's Swimwear Tutorial

Last year, the Fstoppers team joined Joey Wright in Curacao to film one of our best tutorials to date, Swimwear Photography - Lighting, Posing, and Retouching. Not only was the location and team incredible, Joey's photography techniques and ability to work with models produced some of the best photography information I've learned in years. Every lesson spans well beyond the genre of swimwear and can be applied to any shoot involving a model. As a tribute to the tutorial, we are releasing a free excerpt from one of the best lessons on posing I've ever watched.

When posing a model, Joey notices almost every aspect of posture, from the tilt of the head to the shape of the fingers and the angle of the toes. Every joint in the body affects how the model is presented to the camera and Joey's attention to detail allows him to not only notice what is out of place, but correct it with simple direction. His instruction shows that with an understanding of how to move your model, there also comes an ability to direct your model seamlessly from one pose to another, changing the entire mood or feel of the image. This skill is something every photographer needs, no matter what kind of models you're working with. I have personally taken the information from this lesson and improved the shots from my weddings, headshots, senior portraits, and family sessions. 

Posing Excerpt

The first aspect of this excerpt is the process of Joey's communication with models. Every time Joey works with a new model, he talks them through how he will guide them to move and adjust their pose. This allows his time on location to be spent more efficiently with a higher number of keeper images. While the full lesson from the tutorial covers posing while standing, sitting, and lying down, this excerpt includes only the standing section. Joey walks through taking the model from a boring straight stance to a flattering pose with just a few quick movements. 

The Full Tutorial

While Joey's lesson on posing is one of the best photography lessons I've ever learned from, the techniques he teaches throughout the rest of the tutorial go well beyond posing. Joey covers everything from natural light to strobes in beautiful sunset conditions as well as harsh, midday sun situations. He introduces almost every kind of lighting modifier and shows you how and when he uses each one. In addition to the lighting and photography tips, Joey also covers styling, hair and makeup, business, and a long section on his post production techniques. You don't have to live near a nice beach with professional models to benefit from these techniques. Joey's instruction is applicable to every genre of photography. 

To learn more about the full tutorial HERE.

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Lee Morris's picture

It's been quite a while since I saw this so I watched it again and I was once again impressed with Joey's lesson. It actually may be my favorite lesson on any tutorial we've filmed. The full posing lesson is actually 1.5 hours in the actual tutorial and I never would have guessed that there was that much info to teach when it came to "posing" but I was very wrong. I've actually used a lot of these techniques in my portrait and wedding gigs.

aaronbratkovics's picture

Its tempting I have been debating for awhile.

Manny Zarate's picture

Where do I find the 50% off coupon for this tutorial?

David Strauss's picture

There is no 50% off coupon but if you send me a message through Fstoppers, I can supply you with the $50 discount that we offered alongside this free lesson release.

Cortez Vernon's picture

is this $50 off still available?