Creating Fog for Your Photos in a Pinch

You're shooting the landscape, a dense forest rife with fantasy vibes perhaps, but there just isn't the fog you wish there was to complete the scene. Well this video has you covered and can help you get that little extra atmosphere in a pinch.

When you're out chasing a foggy scene, it's a major let down when you get to where you're going and you find yourself wishing that there was more fog if there is any at all. In today's video photographer and adventurer Benjamin Jaworskyj finds himself in that exact predicament. He shows us a simple way to help accent the scene with some fog-like haze in no time at all.

When it comes to creating fog or the illusion of fog, there are a couple options. The first would be to go somewhere that actually has fog, but that's not always easy or even doable depending on where you live. The next couple options are either use Photoshop to create the illusion or fog to use a technique like Benjamin demonstrates in his video. His technique is both incredibly simple and very effective at giving the illusion of some extra fog in the scene. Not to mention his signature style of delivery complete with good times and good humor.

I'd never even thought about a method like this before and am definitely looking forward to trying it out sometime soon. After you've watched the video, leave a comment below about your favorite foggy scene. Do you live somewhere that you have access to foggy weather some of the year, or is your climate just too dry or warm to support it? 

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Rob Davis's picture

This looks like what it is.

Deleted Account's picture

Really? If you saw that photo, without knowing anything else, you'd say, "Dang.." or something like that, "He breathed on his lens!" ;-)

Ryan Cooper's picture

I would just assume it was added in photoshop but it doesnt look like real fog because it obscures all elements in the frame equally. Real fog would lead to a greater degree of haze between objects far off in the frame than it does elements very close to the camera.

Rob Davis's picture

Exactly. You'd have some parts that were closer to the camera appearing sharper and farther objects disappearing into the fog. I'd assume this was a softening filter. I wouldn't rule out spit though either. ;)

chrisrdi's picture

I would assume somebody needed to clean their lens.

David Summerhayes's picture

The 4 legged tripod effect is pretty cool (ok, its an optical illusion but still..)

Maximilian Sulzer's picture

I cannot stand the guy.
Why is he yelling for 5 minutes straight ?

The effect itself can be okay if used right, but as said before it looks a bit like a photoshop Filter gone wrong.

Lars Daniel Terkelsen's picture

Haha, I am happy not to be the only one having a hard time listening to this guy.

Michael Breitung's picture

If you have a large following you have to screem at your audience so all can hear you ;-) Just kidding, I guess with the water rushing by it was just quite loud where he recorded the video.

PS: What I usually do with this effect is to combine it with a normal photo. In PS I can then create more of a layering effect you'd have with fog -> thicker in the distance and softer to the foreground.

Simon Patterson's picture

Thanks for the heads up. Think I'll pass on this video.

Nick B's picture

That looks rubbish... With real fog you can't see the background trees. Here you can, it's just a veil on the lens... Also fog is organic, you can see variations in the picture.

Spy Black's picture

I thinks it's handy for an effects plate in a locked off scene composite however. It's easy enough to massage in Photoshop.

William Faucher's picture

This looks... well, exactly like what he did. "...very effective at giving the illusion of some extra fog in the scene." is a little strong.

Spy Black's picture

Actually, in a locked off scene like that you can take clear and fogged scene shots and easily composite in Photoshop and add the fog effect wherever you like. A trigger like an infrared trigger will make it simpler to do.

Stas Aleksandersson's picture

“Still fuck in front of the lens” 😜