Here's How to Create a Macro Photography Diffuser for About a Dollar

Lighting equipment can be really pricey, but if you are interested in macro photography, you might be surprised by the kind of shots you can get from using a potato chip can for a diffuser. 

Coming to you Micall Widell, this great video will show you how to use something as simple as a Pringles can to make a diffuser for flash photography that will give you nice, soft, even light that will envelope smaller subjects in a pleasing way that helps to illuminate all the details of your subjects. The nice thing about a Pringles can is that you can cut it to size to match the length of your lens, plus it has a light interior (so you will not lose much light to absorption) and a diffuse cap. But of course, the best part is that a Pringles can costs somewhere around a dollar, and you get potato chips with the purchase as well. Given how expensive lighting equipment can be, it is a great way to save money or to experiment with macro photography if you are new to it and not sure if you are ready to invest a lot of money in dedicated equipment yet. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Widell. 

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gary lewis's picture

Looks like a Mayfly(order Ephemeroptera) to me.

Richard A. G. Lipscomb's picture

If you see a new specimen that you don’t know use Google lens on a smartphone to find out what it is. It’s a free app that comes in handy when you are not sure about an insect, flower, and poisonous plants!