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The Best Looking Instant Camera: Fujifilm Launches the Instax Mini 40

The Best Looking Instant Camera: Fujifilm Launches the Instax Mini 40

Fujifilm has launched its latest instant camera the Instax Mini 40 along with a the new Contact Sheet instant film. The new film has been described to mimic the look of classic contact sheet film. 

The Instax Mini 40 is the latest instant camera from Fujifilm. As the name suggests this instant camera will use the mini variant of Instax films. The key features of this camera include the ability to produce images with better ambient lighting. When using flash on many instant cameras, the background tends to be extremely dark with only the subject being properly lit. The Instax Mini 40 corrects this by dragging the shutter for a little longer. 

The Instax Mini 40 also offers better automatic shooting modes which could help new photographers use it more effectively in a point and shoot manner. 

Key Specifications

Lens: 2 components, 2 elements, 60mm f/12.7

Shooting Range: 0.3m-∞ Selfie Mode (0.3 m - 0.5 m)

Shutter Release: Programmed electronic shutter release, 1/2 to - 1/250 sec. Slow synchro for low light

Built-In Flash: Yes

Effective Flash Range: 1 to 8.9' / 0.3 to 2.7 m

Flash Modes: Auto

Recycle Time: 6.5 Sec

The selfie mode in the camera can be quickly accessed by pulling out the front edge of the lens. A square mirror next to the lens can be used to help compose shots correctly. 

The design of this camera is potentially one of the more attractive features. The black silver design is reminiscent of many older film cameras. Fujiflm states, “Designed to be easily portable, Instax mini 40 is finished with a high-quality texture that comfortably fits in one hand. The lustrous black camera body is accented with silver touches, resulting in a sophisticated, timeless look, synonymous with Fujifilm’s iconic approach to camera design.”

The camera will be available from 21 April 2021 and will have an SRP of $99.95. You can preorder the camera using this link here

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Who would want that, it's NOT Mirrorless... Everyone knows only mirrorless camera take photos... It's the future!