How to Add Links to your Description on 500px

How to Add Links to your Description on 500px

Adding hyperlinks to your descriptions on 500px can be extremely helpful if you'd like to grow on other social media platforms. For example, my natural light tutorial, Facebook page and many more links are all shared in every one of my posts on 500px. In this short article you will learn exactly how to create these links easily. <--break->

For those out there like me, who aren't code and HTML savy it can be a really frustrating to figure out exactly this is done. Thanks to my friend Michael Woloszynowicz for teaching me this quick "How To" 3 years ago when I joined 500px. 

Before I post an image I have a chance to put in a description, and my description box looks like this with a ton of gibberish.

I have this jibberish copied to a notepad file on my computer and I just copy and paste it every time I post a photo. This jibberish translates to what you see under description.


 Let's take a look at the first line with a link in it. "Before/After can be found on Facebook"

If you look close at the jibberish up top, you can see the following:

Before/After can be found on  <a href="">FACEBOOK</a>

Keep this process simple and geek free. All you need to do is copy the above phrase and change both the text you want to show and where you want the link to go. I went back and forth 10x the first time I tried this, until I got it to look and work the way I wanted. I suggest you do the same and then just keep the entire jibberish phrase in a note pad file and just use the same thing each time. You can chose to add more or unique descriptions as well.  

What are some ways you have improved your posts? I would love to hear.

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Dani Diamond is a fashion and commercial photographer based out of NYC. He is known for his naturally lit portraits and unique retouching techniques.

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Thank you for the tip.
Building my pro Facebook page right now so I will try that soon......
Need to boost my 500PX though.

Such a great and helpful tip! Thanks Dani!

Thank you Dani

HAhahahha jiberish!! It's code man!! haha yeah didn't know 500px would run html from description. It's pretty nice then.

It's a neat little trick eh! I've been doing the same to my 500px posts for a while now. Hopefully it's all working some SEO magic behind the scenes too.
By the way, you can do exactly the same thing with Flickr in the description box.

There used to be a time when we'd pour resources into building our social media following, mostly Facebook. It gave us a chance to keep our fan base in tune with our latest work, and allowed us to collaborate with fellow family photographers. All was dandy, until some brilliant Harvard minds got hired by Facebook, and decided to turn a free public TV channel into a pay-per-view. We've noticed brands with millions of followers get literally zero feedback to their posts. I wish Facebook all the best, but I think they've shot themselves in the foot. Luckily, given that our retail clients come from personal referrals and online search, social media is of little use anyway. But others should think twice before pouring precious time into these ever-growing and ever-changing media platforms. Like Facebook, they can axe your audience, one that took years to build, with the push of a button. The alternative? Fork over hundreds of dollars to boost your post. I'm honestly disappointed that this is the best that the business minds at Harvard could come-up with. I imagine Instagram and others like 500px following suit in due time. For photographers like Dani, and others who rely on a strong online following in order to sell their workshops, I imagine this hurts even more. I really feel for you guys :-/

Ah man, good for you then. Putting all your eggs into one basket, as many photogs that rely on FB, is never a good idea. It used to be rewarding to get feedback when you shared a picture every day. Lately though, I'm reminded of that age-old saying.. When a tree falls down in a forest, will it make a sound? Only if there's someone around to hear it. Hear hear.

Thanks for your advice. I was just about to create a Facebook page for my Photography business.,

FYI this can be done on Flickr too

Brilliant, thanks for this... easy when you know how

How can I write articles here, I can't see any option here

Thanks - visit website and win smartphone!